Pinging Spokes

I have a new rear wheel, have ridden it a handful of times and the spokes ping a bit when I am going up hills. Is this something I should worry about or is it just “bedding in”. Cheers.

how many spokes and what lacing pattern is it? i bought a second hand 16 spoke front wheel and that was doing the same thing until i tightened up the spokes

take it back where you bought it and tell them to tighten your spokes dude. My mate who’s a wheelbuilder insists that you need to get most wheels re-tightened after riding them for a few weeks.

sounds like a velocity deep v

Spokes need de stressing maybe?

unwinding at the nipple, not stress relieved correctly. Likely not at correct tension, as previously suggested. If its still happening after 2km = wheelbuilder fail.

hehe, nipple

+1 to rustychisel’s comment. It’s caused during the build process, where the spoke gets a twist in it from turning the nipple. It’s a simple process to untwist the spokes, but clearly whoever built it couldn’t be bothered. It’s something that’s supposed to be done frequently whilst building a wheel, otherwise the wheel will go out of true as soon as it’s ridden. Take it back and tell them to give you the final 10% of your wheelbuild.

It’s not super critical, or dangerous, but it’s no better than an average factory built wheel.

Its a velocity wheel with velocity hub. I bought them new from someone off here. Sounds like I’ll just have to take it into a bike shop and take a hit.

thought so, pinging is pretty much standard on all new velocity wheels until they have a few kms on them


Update - Took the bike in and had the spoke tensions checked. Both wheels apparently had spoke tensions that varied wildly. Now all tightened up and equal, fingers crossed I’m good to go.