Pinion - 18sp bottom bracket mounted gearbox

from their site: The principles of gearing were known by Aristotle, Da Vinci drew hundreds of examples, and there have been high-performance industrial gears since the days of the steam engine. Even the modern spur gear has been the standard in automotive technology for over a century. However there is still room for innovation: in the Pinion P1 we have constructed a spur gear with 2 successive partial transmissions and 18 evenly spaced ratios that can be integrated into a bike frame. It is compact and lightweight with a long, and virtually maintenance-free, service life, and in a tough, fully sealed, housing so that it is protected from the elements and impact damage. We can finally offer a better alternative to the derailleur - the last technical deficiency on the modern bike.

their website

How much does it weigh?

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez H, did you even click the link?

Pinion P1.18 | PINION / GET IN GEAR


I read about this earlier today, via cycleexif. Having ridden a Nicolai DH bike with the rohloff frame mounted hub I can vouch for how good it is to a) not have a heavy rear wheel b) not have a derailleur to inevitably damage/rip off & c) to be able to change gears while not pedaling.

If this is lighter than the rohloff, and works just as well it’ll be great - but I read that the whole system (minus cranks) is over 2kgs - the Nicolai I rode was built up storng & light (about $14K retail value) and still weighed arounf the 19kg mark - which is too heavy for a competitive DHer.

the TLDR generation…don’t get me started :rolleyes:

(looks like it weighs about twice as much as a Rohloff, by the time to factor all the other bits in)