Pink mixte - missus' ride

Started like this

then stripped, and took off the braze ons

sand blasted

high fill primer

painted solid baby pink with silver flake clear

close up pic

why can’t i get the pics to load :frowning:

I don’t think you can link from blogspot.

bummer - just have to click on the links

lookin good, like those peugot lugs on the head tube :sunglasses:

yeah nice man, did you use a compressor for the paint?
i’ve heard you can get silver flake clear from hobby shops. looks pretty good i reckon

I used my mate’s panel shop so it’s all 2 pac paint & clear

finally finished it!

i like it :slight_smile:

Built by Dan. White velocity hubs & rims, White Industries freewheel, Campy cranks, Phil bb, white vintage Deore XT pedals, bmx seatpost with painted pink stripe, Fizik Vitesse saddle, white bars & stem.

Link to big picture here!

nicely done!!

really nice build dude, top work!

Looks great! Makes me want to do something similar

wow nice job, if my girlfriend see’s this she’ll want one too

i really like that…my mate just got his lady a bike…hopefully we can convince her to convert it and have a ride for her that looks as good as that one

very very nice!

mrs boss says she wants one like that now =p

thanks guys.
my mate’s missus’ (x3) now want to put an order in…
i reckon these frames could get harder to find.

Good build mate! I sold one of these a while ago…really unique frame lugs. Did you have any problems with all the french sizes?

looks great, a paint job just lifts the whole frame. was the frame in pretty good nick at the start?

bloody french thread sux.
ended up with a phil bb with french lock rings.

LennyB, the frame wasn’t rusty, but had all the braze ons etc on it. rest of the stuff was pretty cactus. there is a link to an early pic in the first post.

Love it! Don’t normally like this kind of frame, but you’ve made this look good!

How does the girl look on it? :stuck_out_tongue:

ím looking to do the same sort of thing myself, it’s getting hard to find step through frames that look half decent