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Since this new Road forum is up I thought I’d share some pics of my old Colnago Master Piu. Pics are from late 2000 in and around Harlem and on the steps of Grant’s Tomb near the Westside Highway, NYC. These are small scans I found on an old hard drive but I hope to find the original slides and extract better quality pics.

I had it sent over from Oz and it really was a blessing as I’d been partying hard and was burning the candle at both ends. Then I discovered NYC was a magic place to ride, so it was love all over again with a bike I’d had since new and it also rekindled my obsession.

It still hurts to this day but I sold it in the week or so after 9/11. It seemed like WW3 was about to start, I was quite broke at the time and too proud to ask for help. I also had an apt full of half built bikes and figured the Piu was the only thing I could sell easily so that if I had to leave quickly I could. I knew the buyer and it was a bittersweet handover as we’d become friends and I was happy the bike was in his hands.

In the end I didn’t leave NYC. I don’t regret selling it as I needed to (just in case) but I’ve avoided red bikes ever since. Hard to explain, but I’ve been lucky to land plenty of nice bikes since selling the Piu so I don’t feel as bad for letting it go. Whenever you have something good, are lucky to share time with cool people, or find yourself in amazing places remember to be grateful as sometimes these rich moments are all too brief.

amazing spirito.

Didn’t realise you rocked one…

…that bike is sensational. Does the buyer still own it? Does he polish it every day? I would.

If the road bike I one day build is even half as good as this, I’ll be a very happy man. Lovely stuff.

Ha !!! I’ve had more than a few in my time.

Splendid. Can’t argue with that :wink:

Byardiful. Can’t argue with Nago and C.

Did you know you’re like one of my favorite Internet people spirito?

Man, i started to tear up reading that… seriously.
Awesome bike, sweet memories, you are a richer man for the experience.

Damn i love c-record, Just so darn sexxxy.

Well, the guy who bought it from me dodged a big bullet on the morning of 9/11. Grateful to be alive and counting his lucky stars he took stock and promised himself that he would live for today. One of the most important things in life to him was cycling but he had never owned an Italian road bike. He found me and whilst he knew I was very keen to sell not for a minute did he try to lowball or haggle. Took the bike for a short ride, and came back beaming.

A funny/scary moment happened when we were counting the $'s. The unmistakable roar of a low flying jet had both of us go white, and start racing down the stairs in panic. In the foyer we were stopped by some neighbours who saw how startled we were and explained that it was a planned flyover by fighter jets to celebrate the Yankee’s game and all things America. We both kinda laughed but inside we thought oh no all over again.

Even though we were from very different walks of life we’d often catch up for a ride or just a coffee and talk bikes. Like brothers except that our worlds were brought together in unusual circumstances, and all because of a red racing bike.

You’ve made me blush/wet. Maybe one day I’ll move to Vic and cash in on my internet fame by opening a kebab shop on Sydney Rd.

Gotta love bikes:)

But then I’d have to move to melbs and live in a tiny apartment just so I could go to your kebab shop all the time!

Maybe we could kit out your caravan and I’d be roaming kebab shop. Like a Mr. Whippy but with Kebab’s and this would be my song


Hot bike!! Good story, too! A freaky time to be in NY.

that’s what i do, and it’s good :slight_smile:

small detail but i do believe its souvlaki in melburn not kebab you bloody sydney wog boy. like once i ordered 4 scolops ikn melbs and almost shit my self when he tried to charge me $40… they call them potato cakes /…wtf

id expect nothing less…true class. Something about red bikes…

Beautiful bike.

Great photos.