Place to watch Milan-San Remo in Melb?

I am keen to watch this, whether it be at someone’s house, or in a pub/cafe/whatever. Anyone have ideas on where to go? Bar owners who love cycling? Cycling owners who love bars? Love bars who cycling own?

I went into Charles Dickens early this year and got a US college football game put on the TV there, and they seemed cool with it. I’m sure they have eurosport. The spanner in the spokes would be that they would probably never boot soccer off.

I don’t think there is any premier league games that day. Which is what the Charles Dickins usually shows. So it could be a good option.
You could contact the celtic club and ask if they will show it. They may require a certain number of people though to stay open.
What about “hell of the north”? a bar in Fitzroy. Gotta be cycling fans…

starts at 1.45am goes til 3am

better to just get up early and watch the 1hr version at 8am

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Gazzetta dello sport will be streaming video worldwide: link.

(Melbourne time, Sunday) Start time 10:00pm, first video ~12:15am, finish ~03:00am.

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I will possibly still be at a wedding, but hope to be home in time to catch the end.

especially given that usually not much happens until the last hour anyways…

I always thought this but was afraid to say it in case I got shot by the cycling die-hards…

But that hour is totally worth staying up for. Every team trying to move their sprinter up the front with the peloton cranking it at 60kph makes for some very interesting viewing. So which pony are you guys going to back for the win? I reckon Cav will get it, but would love to see a repeat of last year:


Dan has a point, which I guess is why I always end up watching the whole thing. I’m going to go against the grain here and back fabian.

if cav can stay with the group of favourites over the poggio then he will probably win

everyone else will try and smash the race to pieces here as usual which is always good to watch

true. i was going to write “the last fifteen minutes”, but i took the poggio into account.

Cav for the win. He’s always said he wants to win San Remo in the rainbow stripes, and I’m not gonna be the guy who says he can’t. He’s shown some pretty good early season form, and so have his team.

This photos is completely unrelated to my post, and I’m sure most of you have seen it before, but it’s friggin’ awesome and deserves another showing. Gilbert on the Poggio…

^Theres a pic in the new RIDE when he was also still racing with FDj going up the muur at Flanders, great tenacity shown on his face as well.
Such a shame it’s out of the race. What will colnago sweater guy do?

Blakey - isnt your wedding this weekend?

MSR is the weekend of the austral.

Cav wants it, Gilbert/Hushovd need it, I’m going to pick someone from GreenEdge or Fabian who will benefit from the fighting between these two groups.

Blakey’s getting married???

where is the reception :wink:

Denis Galimzyanov will win.

Ahh, I can’t count properly.

me either! this rules! austral then MSR! hey blakey, i heard you were going to watch it at your house…

I was. I will test an illegal streaming laptop –> tv hookup.

i have an HDMI cable you can borrow.