Plan to Cycle: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Bike Plan Survey

Hey Eastern-ish suburb people! Fill this survey out.

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters has engaged InfraPlan and BikeSA to develop a City-wide Bicycle Plan. The aim of this plan is to develop an enjoyable, safe and connected bicycle network for people who currently cycle and people who would like to take up cycling.

Plan to Cycle: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Bike Plan SurveyPlan to Cycle: City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Bike Plan Survey

Even if you’re from other suburbs, do it! If you want.

Done it :slight_smile: Would be great to see a few improvements to backstreet surfacing and/or better facilities for crossing over arterials like Portrush Road, just things like a break in the median strip every now and then as per Hutt St and a few other large dual carriageways.

My experience cycling in the eastern 'burbs so far has been pretty positive, I have no pressing troubles. Interested to hear what routes people commonly take?

I generally stick to the back roads to avoid arterial traffic and buses, plus it’s a lot more peaceful riding through leafy residential zones. Given I live in the hills, right up near Lofty, I have the bike in the back of the car and drive down to the plains, park in Burnside backstreets, and ride into town from there every day. I find Burnside is a pretty good launchpad for wherever I want to go, and have recently started recreationally riding down to Henley/Glenelg from there as well.

I live off Beulah road in Kensington Park. Except for the occasional near misses at round abouts (cars not stopping / giving way, or trying to overtake too close to the roundabout), it’s pretty good. I rarely use Magill or Kensington Rd, and occasionally use the Parade.

Portrush is the obvious issue, especially on the Parade where two lanes go to one heading east and at Beulah where cars bank up blocking the crossing.

Lack of driver awareness on the Parade is pretty crazy, and the road surface on Magill is terrible.

Done. My girlfriend lives in Tusmore, so I regularly ride from there. I don’t use the parade often, but I generally always find that people have no idea you are riding next to their parked car when they are opening their doors. I am with you stu on the idea for more facilities to cross portrush, that’s always a headache. Would very much like to see if the council chooses to do anything with the info from the survey.

I think they might - but it could be 5 years before they have the funding for it, given that the Burnside Council have just spent a bomb on their contribution to the new gas main along Greenhill Road, as well as repaving all the footpaths with nice new bricks. I daresay that resurfacing the moonscape that is Greenhill Road will probably be a higher priority for them, even if improving cycling facilities will be so cheap.