please help free beer

Hi guys how are you sorry that my first post is a cry for help. I know very little about bikes apart from riding them im afraid. I have an old mtb that i want to turn single speed. I have new wheels with a 8 speed deore cassete on it so the wheels and frame are good to go. the cranks are busted but i have a new bb which is from a bie that had a truative crank attached.

i need a new crank fitting of bb and taking the cassette off and spacers fitted.

Phew thats about it.

Can anyone help. Lots of beer and pizze to those who can help

here’s a few pics

Easy, don’t ask us, what would we know, go to

Also on there is a how to convert to singlespeed topic that has been adding up lots of good advice.

If you still have questions, happy to help.

Bring beer and pizza and come over to mine. Word.

Ghetto singlespeed is the way to go, rearrange the cluster to a magic gear!

Spuddy you’re such a wigga :sunglasses:

Hit up, I’m sure there’s more than a few threads on the subject.
Have a feeling I posted an epic at some stage.

In a nutshell, and on the cheap -
ask (nicely) at LBS to raid the recycling, grab two flogged out cassettes.
Punch the pins out, grab the cog spacers and voila, SS conversion kit.
Leftover cogs will serve nicely as beer coasters or wigga bling.

Don’t use the cassette cogs, they slip and eat knees.
Buy a pressed steel one from the shop, badged as DMR/Da Bomb/Tufneck etc. Your 8 speed chain will work.

SS on horizontals: quick release BAD, boltup GOOD.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, it’s a sure sign they order skim soy softcoccocinos and probably walk up hills.

A cheap BMX 3/8" rear axle/cups/cones ($20ish as a kit) will do the job on a cheaparse hub you don’t really care about.
Have been running said setup for a while now, no problems so far.
Will need semi-regular stripping + rebuilding though, as the seals are crap.

I’ll let you figure the rest out :wink:

Hope you’re in Sydney -
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