Please Re-Open previous thread as I would like to post something other than "that suX

I would like to find out more information about stolen seat and seatpost at monash caulfeild. If you dont want to read people saying that sux dont, unlike in the for sale section where the chance to sell something can be effected here the only thing that can happen is clutter is caused.

If you have gone through everything on the forum twice over and still want to waste more time: don’t go to the stolen bikes section - go practice wheelies or something.

I would like to find out:

what time approx was the stuff taken.

Has anything like this happened before?

I park my bike at Monash in this exact area (possibly next to this bike) 3 days a week. I would like to find out if I should take off my white rolls and chuck something shit on…

Now please mod this forum to improve it not just to give someone the pleasure of “burning” someone else. Close these threads and of coarse nothing good will come from them.

Politely PMing the moderator who closed the thread would probably be more effective than posting a hissy fit.

Maybe, but I could also just PM the OP but that would defeat the point of a forum wouldnt it?

If you want to communicate with a mod, PM is the best way.

When considering whether comments should be allowed in stolen bike threads one should factor in this success:

A good point diddy, however there’s a difference between wanting to know where one should park their bike so stuff doesn’t get nicked and providing info to retrieve the stolen items.

If someone has info about the stolen items, they need only PM a mod who will happily post it for them.

Obviously, we want to ensure anyone who loses something has it returned, but post after post of “shit, that’s a bummer” doesn’t help anyone.

dont you think preventing shit getting stolen is more important than getting it back? I mean with the first we wont need the second…

Plus shouldnt it be the role of a mod to remove shit not to post on behalf of others. Sure its hard to know what and what not to sensor but surely thats why a thread like this rather than a pm is in fact worthwhile.

They are both important, but we’re trying to ensure the thread doesn’t get clogged up with rubbish posts is all. As always, thanks for your comments.

ok. i’m gonna comment on this, coz i feel it’s directed at me to a certain extent.

read the other thread for my opinion on all of this, no point rehashing it all again.

in response to the stuff brought up here:

1 - the time of the theft was clearly stated in the OP.

2 - if you’ve just heard that something has been stolen from right where you park your bike and don’t wanna lose it, yeah, maybe chuck something shit on, or risk it, your call.

3 - i don’t feel i was “burning” anyone joe, DICE and i have been in touch via PM and we actually agree on a couple of things in relation to all of this. as for re-reading all of the other threads, this was hardly literal, more something i’ve observed after reading each of these threads once.

4 - i understand what you’re saying about theft prevention. posting as much info as possible about where it all happened will hopefully prevent someone else having their stuff stolen down the track. why don’t we have a template with headings that must be completed. time/date/location/kind of lock/how they cut it/were there people around/do you think it could’ve been prevented etc etc
this guy seems to have the right idea (not sure if the mods have implemented anything?)

5 - if people want to retrieve their stolen goods, it is on them to provide as many contact details as possible. most people do. relying on someone posting in a thread may not be particularly wise. seen something on ebay or someone riding the bike in question? pick up the phone and text them, or email if you prefer. i don’t think anyone’s going to object to getting a call if they think someone’s got info about their stolen bike.

6 - diddy, that stolen wheels case was awesome, no denying that!! i see what you’re saying, but the same thing could’ve been done via pm and reuben could’ve updated his thread as he saw fit.

7 - if there’s info about stolen bikes etc, leave the mod component out of it. contact the OP directly and then the speed at which it’s posted can be dictated by how urgently they want/need help or by the relevance of the pm. if you think you see a dodgy ebay sale and pm a mod, who then posts it here, we then wait for the OP to see it, and it may not even be their stuff.

sorry, lots of hypotheticals.

final point. i regularly read new posts in the stolen bikes section, because, like you i’m sure, i wanna help if i can. never know, maybe i’ve got some info or just saw it roll past my work…

in summary… the moderators all work voluntarily, and their time is not infinite. think of the use of their time on here as a privilege not a right.

all of use would rather be riding our bikes or enjoying posting not having to go around like a house cleaner removing week-old plates and picking up your smelly clothes, not to mention keeping a large amount of undesirables out of your valued property.

much of what we implement is a process in experimentation and trial-and-error. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. the change to the stolen bikes posting was a result of a shared concern. the impetus is on the OP to help get their bike back rather than sitting back and relying on the crowd-sourced benefits of the forum. it will help them and others if they provide additional info (or update the post/thread with more info).

Mods are also able to help if further info emerges.

thank you, please call again…

Shit dude I think you answered your own question here. Shiny = attractive to magpies. I don’t think you need to post a question here, just use a bit of common sense. Your argument is flawed.

Moving on, I do wonder if there is some worth in starting a thread in the “fixed gear” upon bike security?

I had a quick search before and couldn’t find anything that quite matched this. Only that rubbish “what are you doing to my bike” thread from a few months back: whose OP seemed to be calling for the creation of a cyclist vigilante group to roam Melbourne back alleys, beating on suspected thieves :rolleyes:. Or another post where everyone said that Krypto Mini-Ds are great cos they fit in your back pocket (which I agree they are)… Nah, what I’m talking about something that would be a useful (and easily found) resource for noobs, and the like, with good practices for locking up, what locks are good, what are not, where and at what times of the day you’re likely to have saddles and wheels nicked or messed with, and etcetera.

It seems to me that here in Australia (unlike the UK, say), we’re lucky enough you don’t feel you HAVE to lock up both wheels and remove nice saddles/seatposts, because they WILL be taken. But the downside of this comparative lack of crime also means that people just either don’t worry about or don’t know how to lock up their bikes properly (Of course they still get majorly put out when their bike or parts are nicked). If this is a shit idea just say so. All I know is that some of us cyclists make it pretty easy for thieves.

sorry my argument is flawed…? :s

I didnt know my question had any contention and the reason I ask is because I had never considered a bike parking space in front of a security box a likely place to have shit taken.

Fortunate for me, maybe not others who too may have been interested, I have been PM’ed more info in regards to the event. Just unfortunate on a forum that, due to a bit of “mess” people have to go via mods or not post at all.

Plenty of points I’m not going to address because most are perfectly fair and others I cant be bothered arguing but as ive already noted there will be no point in a forum if everything turns to PMS. Why is it fine to talk shit in the pub section but not in a stolen bike thread? Why should the rest of the forum not be privy to possibly fun or interesting stuff.

Nikcee, I get that its all trialing and thats why I think a thread like this is also important. And thank you for cleaning my plates, ive never been good at dishes.

Yes. Flawed.

Man, its getting hot in here. Should someone open a window?

nah, that’s just brendans farts…

you start it and i’ll sticky it.

Clarion’s done it for me:

Thanks Clarion. Thanks Brendan.