pls 'like' this pic

you will not be signed up for any spam

our club is running a photo comp from the national CX race

this guy is a dead set legend, was running an aerospoke front and ‘those’ sunnies to annoy all the serious people

and the girl who took the photo and can win the cash prize is a top kid, maybe 16 years old… who is going to fuggin africa to help some poor villagers drink clean water or something useful to society

(this is a protest against professional photographers spamming the shit out of social media to get the most ‘likes’ for their pics)

Already voted for Andy.

I already told all the people I know that still use the Facebook to vote for Andy.

Hello bates

who the hell still uses facebook?

Must be the right time for me to sign up, eh?

Facebook is still cool, and apparently it has hashtags now, which is exciting.

God I miss having a computer with Internet…

The have the internet on computers now?

only 1.1 billion people according to the internet!

obvs way too mainstream

Alex, not everything you read on the Internet is true.

inactive accounts, multiple accounts, fake accounts etc etc we’re talking ‘active’ users here. probably only a handful really.

were you not breastfed?
such an angry little muffin …