Pogliaghi Build Up

I picked up this as a complete bike today for a steal and plan on building it up back to spec. I will be getting the forks/frame re-chromed, repainted and some new decals from Cyclomondo for it. I will be looking at building it up with Campy Victory components because the bike I already have the crankset, shifters and hubs.

Love the crimped tubes. Good score! Gumtree still coughs up the odd gem from time to time, trick is to be quick about it.

Gotta Say Thanks to Aerobloke for the heads up. Would not have seen it otherwise

This is nice,
But this is where the problem lies at first $200 is cheap but $300-400 chrome, $300-$600 for paint, decals $50
could be a $1000 frame plus build cost plus group.

most painters would charge over $1000 to chrome and paint

Not saying its not worth it but dont expect to get your money back.
This is the main reason i didn,t hit it.

Not trying to deter you but just make you aware of the possible costs.

Have to agree with Dayne. Paint doesn’t look too bad, chrome could come up OK. Talk to Dubrat about polishing up as is if you want to try that route.

Can always repaint after you’ve tried this option.

didn’t know what it would cost to get it re chromed. As for paint if it comes to that I would be doing it myself

A lick and a promise and enjoy the patina. Or treat the rust and spray the whole thing, losing the chrome. Either way it’s really gonna be about the ride and the frame pedigree after all.
Is you face hurting from smiling so much?

Don’t bother tring it your self it will cost $80-$100 in material and it looks good for a month and that’s it.
It’s never as good as a pro job.
My 2c polish it all up use oxalic acid on the forks and rear end,
A good car polish on the frame build it up and ride it.
Victory front and rear mechs won’t be to hard to source if you want it all matching,
Buy a new cable set re grease and lube everything and it will be a nice cheap rider.

FOA claiming it’s right to another weathered frame.


I agree with the above anyway. Clean, polish, whatevs. If I was going to invest that much in a frame (chrome/paint) I’d be putting on a new group/wheels, the whole lot.

Don’t waste your time. And FWIW even painting it yourself costs heaps too. I know from personal experience. Its a headfuck.

As Dayne says - autosol, alumium foil, no.2 cutting compound and car wax polish.

(Just get your local car spraypainters supplier to mix you up a nail polish size bottle of paint which matches the original paint and use that on the areas that are missing paint)

im with the boys, leave it alone, clean and polish it up. Build and ride.

ps, i officially call dibs when you want to sell it.


Grind off the braze ons, do a shiity rattle can job and add contrasting coloured spoks.

No problem whitey. Looks like a good project and Im happy that you got it.
I’d say get the forks rechromed as that can be had for pretty cheap.

Those decals look sweet!

definitely :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you were out of the ‘retro game’ :wink:

haha i like crimped toobs, still kicking myself for missing out on a bootiful dancelli with crimped toobs, columbs slx etc etc…

This. You’ll be surprised how good it will come up, take a look at Dubrat’s Cinelli thread for reference.

Finished building it up today. I decided that I’m going to keep it the way I got it. I cleaned all the components and will de-rust things when I get time. It really is quite a nice bike to ride. It could be considered a Franken Bike, here is the component list:

Gran Compe Brake Levers,
Campy Victory Brakes, Hubs, Cranks, Shifters
Suntour Rear Derailleur
Zeus Front Derailleur
Mavic MA2 Rims
Concor Saddle
Miche Bottom Bracket
GB Handlebars
Dura Ace Seatpost, Headset, Cluster

Anyone got a Black Concor? would really like to replace the yellow one