Police and BV out in force, but you can score free stuff


Wednesday 22 June, 6 – 8pm - Canning & Princes Street, Carlton
Thursday 23 June, 5 – 8pm – St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Thursday 30 June, 6 – 8pm - Fitzroy Street/Canterbury Road/Grey St, St Kilda
Thursday 7 July, 6 – 8pm - Napier/Johnson St, Fitzroy

If any of you guys travel through said location on said date at said time, you will find yourself hanging out with the BV light-up campaign and Vic Pol.
Vic Pol will be there to check lights and stuff, and hand out fines where appropriate.

If anyone commutes through there I highly suggest getting some decent lights and all the bells etc in case you run into them.

On the plus side, if you answer a survey BV will have there, you could end up with a goody-bag (dunno whats in there, may not even be a bag).

So basically, those places, those dates, those times.
Avoid them if you love your minimalistic bike with zero night-time visibility.

I think some decent lights and a bell aren’t a bad idea no matter what streets you ride on, especially at night. (The bell is stupid, but it’s the law)

Bells aren’t stupid, imo. They’re awesome for letting pedestrians and cyclists know when you’re about to pass them.

Pet peeve: people who overtake without giving warning. What if I have to swerve to avoid a pothole or some dogshit, bro?

The goody bag last year bag last year wasn’t exactly good

The goody bag last year bag last year?

it wasn’t exactly good.

BV are Stooges.

this is true in theory. but sadly the bicycle bell would have to rate as one of the most widely ignored/unrecognised sounds in this country.
screaming “OI!” at a pedestrian who steps out without looking is much more effective in my experience…

dates duly noted though, will avoid st kilda rd this date unless i can find a brake that fits my damn fork crown

just watched 2 bike cops make an illegal right hand turn right outside my work. the 2 that missed the lights crossed against a red man when there was a gap in the traffic.

fuckin knob ends

small update - goody bags, maybe not so goody, just like last year.
Knog Gecko’s and a few something something front lights.
Not sure what else is going in there.

Another quick update.
Gecko’s are front and something or other’s are rear.
They are only going out to people without lights (or people that have lights attached, but the battery’s are flat [read:removed] and have been flat for a month or two, you just haven’t gotten around to getting new ones; nudge wink etc)
There will be surveys to do, and if you do one, you get a spoke light (provided by the council or something, but only for the first and second nights).
If you have lights, you don’t get a good goody bag, just promo flyers and stuff I think.
If you don’t have lights, the police might fine you (unlikely as this is meant to be an awareness campaign, and the Police have been instructed not to) but you get free lights.

And it should totally go without saying, but you totally haven’t heard any of this information.