Police issuing fines

I know there has been talk about police fining riders on Coro Drive etc but I’m wondering how I can get fined if

  • I am going over the 10kph but do not have a speedo on my bike
  • I don’t carry ID while I’m riding so I could give false details

I guess it depends how fast you are going, if you are bombing along then I guess you should know that you’re doing over 10kph. But if you’re doing like 13kph I doubt you’d get fined.

I don’t see how they can do anything if you don’t have ID.

The police are only about during the day, just setting up when I head to work between 06:30-07:00 and nowhere to be seen when I head home at about 19:00.

The simple answer is jut to behave yourself when you know theres going to be cops about!

I ride through there usually once a day or so, full speed and have never had an issue. tho this is usually in the middle of the day and not in peak times… probably makes a bit of a difference

If you don’t have ID, and they are intending to fine you, they do have the power to detain you until they can properly identify you. Trying to give false details is a pretty good way to get yourself into proper trouble. Ride safely through the areas that you know they are going to be in, don’t give them an excuse to make trouble for you, and you’ll be fine. Also, regarding not having a speedo, you are required to adhere to the speed limit, not having a speedo is not an excuse to speed.

^ yes but how do you know that you’re speeding

do what 99% of all commo drivers do and sit up the arse of the bike/car infront. regardless of what speed. we all know that their speedo’s don’t work, so by being behind someone and not overtaking, the vehicle in front will be seen first and they’ll cop the fine/talking to by officers.

Are you riding faster than a brisk walk? You’re speeding.

It is your responsibility to obey the law. How you achieve this is up to you, but saying “i don’t have a speedo on my bike” is not an acceptable excuse when a cop goes to issue you a ticket. That being said, 10km/hr limits are absolute bullshit, i can get off and run faster than that