Polished Open Pros

Looking at building a new wheel set and was wondering if any one on here have had their open pros rims polished?

I’d be keen to see some photos if they have.


I don’t if it’s been done before they would have fair bit of ano to remove, if it’s the shape your after i.e a nice box section rim you could order an unfinshed velocity rim and get it polished.

Yeah sounds like a lot of work to strip OPs

these maybe?

Pretty sure they are hard anodized, which while not impossible to remove is a pain in the arse to get off

Ah, I forgot about all the anodizing.
Those VO ones are nice! I’m really after something low profile box like with eyelets. I’ve had a good experience with HPlus Son so i’d be pretty keen on there new box rim.
Any other suggestions? Aerohead could be a good option with a polish

done it.

can do it.

looks like a polished rim.

velocity are average at best. soft as butter. mavic are worth the extra pennies. better extrusion, eyeleted, strong, light, reliable.

C-4 are a good alternative also.

Mirror finish. alloy is good for polishing, though I go easy on the sidewalls as they are machined for effective braking.

Hey Andy, do you have any photos of them polished?

Has any one had any experience with the Sun M13 II rims? They look a bit heaver than open pros but are cheaper and still pretty hot.

Edit: I Should change the name of this thread

I have a pair of M13IIs. Laced to low flange Superbe hubs, going on the Hetchins.

If you want a pair of polished 36H rims, I have some VO Papillions spare, PM me.

As with all the velocity rims I’ve had, the aeroheads I have were poorly finished and are nothing more than a ‘get you by’ rim. It still amazes me that a rim can make it to the customer and still have aluminium burrs in the spoke holes. This has been the case with my last 4 velocity rims.

I’ll be building up a new set of wheels in the next few months and going with Open Pros.

my wheel builder said the same thing about the spoke holes when i was buidling my aeroheads to old DA hubs.

hey duncan

not sure if this is what you’re after but sasha at ponybikes has recently finished a build with some polished 80’s Araya wheels. i spoke to her briefly today and she mentioned that pretty much anything can be polished!

i’m pretty sure you’re not in melbourne but thought you might be interested in the pics.

it’s a fucking nice ride!!


That bike made me do a bit of sex wee.

Hey Rolly, I just noticed your reply then. Thanks, That is super nice! I think I will just go with open pros and get them polished as I’m having trouble finding old Arayas

there was a bloke selling a pair of 36 Araya rims in black a few months back, id say he still has em. might want to check it out, on bna.