Polishing Hub

Hey guys

Anyone got a trick / handy hint for polishing a hub that is still built up to a rim??

Just got my Mavic Track wheel set and there is some oxidation on the hubs



I dunno if this helps, but my dad used to tie a bit of leather strap around his hubs. As he round around the place his hubs got a clean. Shiniest hubs on the block.

shoelace or pipecleaner works equally well

Toothbrush and some autosol (or similar) then hit it with a thick rag

Tie a piece of rag around the hub and ride.

^ agreed but that won’t polish the flanges.
Elbow grease Brah

Ps what’s with all the Mavic gear??? Is it any good?

im a bit confused, if you tie a rag to the hub and then ride, whats the rag fixed to so that the hub body is rotating inside it and in turn polishing it? if i tied a rag to the hub body itself, it would just rotate around as the hub moved as if it were in a geostationary orbit? maybe im missing something lol

De lace it give it to me ill whack it on my bench polisher for you then re lace.
Has it got anno on it or is it raw most cases they are annoed and you will have to strip it first.
Pm me if you want a hand on polishing it.
So stoked for nz not long now.

Dayne One week to go and there was a pretty big dump this week…

Have been at the for the last hour with the autosol they have come up pretty good…

Cheers to everyone for the hints…

Bought a dremel today… My new best friend…

from this

To this

Iphone pics as my Olympus is playing up and will only take photos in RAW format

Not tied tight, keep it loose:

Leather strap works, it has a bit of weight to it and won’t spin with the wheel.