polishing parts yourself

So ive bought some sugino cranks and a campag seat post which need polishing, i would use a buff but am reluctant incase i loose the embosed logo on the post and it looks as though its anodised; once i start on the buff and it goes through im commited, any suggestions as far as polishing tips go. thanks marcus.

The subjects been done to death, have a quick search for it there’s tonnes of info. But this should get you started.


Have a look at Ray Dobin’s website. There’s a good DIY polishing page to get you started. http://www.raydobbins.com/polishing/

Dobins says that Campy seatposts are not anodised.

Have a look at this thread which I posted a few easy steps for polishing.


If your logo is embossed it should be fine but if it was acid etched you will lose most of the clarity of that logo but this also depends on how much you take to the alloy with the wet & dry before you polish it.

This really isn’t as complex and indepth as some forums may have you believe but having a small amount of perseverance and patience is important.

hey thanks everyone, very helpful links. marcus :smiley:

thanks as well everyone for the link and the advice, just what i was looking for!