Poll: Best Looking TDF 2011 TT bikes

As Goose intimated in the other thread, there aren’t a lot of great pics of all the bikes in the TDF this year, let alone the TT bikes.
Plus, FOA polls only allow for 10 options…
So I present to you, a poll of (which are in my opinion) the 10 best looking TDF 2011 TT Bikes.

Rabobank - Giant

AG2R La Mondiale - Kuota

Radioshack - Trek

Liquigas Cannondale - Cannondale

Omega Pharma Lotto - Canyon

Sky - Pinarello

HTC Highroad - Specialized

Lay-Oh-Pard Trek - Trek

Lay-Oh-Pard Trek - Trek (Spartacus Edition)

Lampre - Willier

Stupid computer decided to post this without letting me do the poll… can a mod plz fix this?

It pains me to say it, but my fave from above is the Radioshack Trek bike

HTC or the Spartacus fucking death machine

quoted for badassitude

Loving the colours of the Lampre

But the Sky Pinarello is just mean. It has wings.

Mentioned FDJ’s lapierre in the road thread… I’d follow that up with Cadel’s BMC - you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a lower front end setup which makes for a wickedly aggressive looking setup

HTC. THAT handlebar drop. Or the Treks. THAT cockpit.

[edit] The BMC looks like a friggin stealth bomber. that.

How did they sneak that past the UCI?

The front of Cadel’s BMC TT01 has been custom engineered to allow for his extremely low time trial position.

To quote ‘Cycling News’: “not only is [Cadel’s] base bar placed below the top tube, but the straight extensions and even the armrests are as well. In fact, it’s so low that there’s barely enough room to squeeze in the sidepull TRP T925 front brake caliper” (see BMC Pull Out All The Stops For Evans’ Time Trial Bike | Cyclingnews.com ).

It’s quite different from the standard BMC TT01, it is non-adjustable and it looks much meaner.

Spartacus all the way, such a mean look’n sun of a gun. Pair of risers with some integrated Di2 and that would be the ultimate street weapon.
Those Mavic cosmic and Comeet are freek’n deadly too,

yep - looks a lot cleaner than when he rode Canyon’s and utter abortion they of a job they did to the headtube to mount the stem onto the steerer halfway down

Strange to see mech DA on the Giant… I’d imagine TT bikes would benefit more from the ability to shift from either hand position.

I think i heard from some Ironman pro’s i know about 4 sec saved over 180km for shifting with di2.
Could cost you a race.
Helps on undulating windy courses but not a big gain on a flat still course.