Polo & Bike frame sizing

Hi All,

Looking for a new steel frame for an SS commuter. I’ve come across the Polo&Bike CMNDR frameset which I can get delivered ~$500AU. 4130 butted steel with alloy/CF fork, slight pursuit geo which looks nice & a few funky colours. The odd thing is it only comes in 50 or 54 (no 52?).

I’m chasing ~53TT as I’m 172cm & the 55TT on my current bike is ~2cm too long with drops & levers out front.

The 50cm CMNDR has 530TT but only 50ST and triathlon angles (78deg ST & HT).
The 54cm CMNDR has 549TT, more track angles (~74) but theoretically is almost same as my current bike.

Anyone have any experience with these bikes/frames?

Otherwise I am open to other suggestions but I have probably already looked into them! (e.g. Colossi, Bob Jackson, Brother, Soma, BLB, Factory Five etc)



Oh I don’t really need a Polo frame, Polo&Bike is just a name essentially.

I did FB msg them and they definitely recommended a 54. So it still kinda doesn’t help me since I don’t know Frame Reach or Effective TT. Suppose I’ll try to ask them