Polo debate: passing through goals, use of goalies

When the rules were announced in Melbourne, there was a bit of an uproar as to the lack of rules regarding passing the ball through the goals you are attacking. They were changed so that you can’t pass/ drag through the goal yo yourself buy you can pass to a teammate. What does everyone else think of this?
Also, should there be a basketball style “shot clock” imposed on goalies? I have no problem playing against teams with a full time goalie, but it’s fucking boring to watch and slows the game up more.

If a goalie just sits there even when the ball is at the other end they should just get a trike. Preferably a recumbent trike so they can get hit in the nuts and beard.

But, I think a defending team should be allowed to defend their goal however they want. If they run a permanent goalie it will be to their attacking disadvantage and make for a boring game.

But, shots scored against a solid defender to sneak it through a gap gets big cheers.

But, a fast game is a good game.

I am torn.


I don’t see what the constant uproar is over passing through a goal to a team mate. What difference does it really makes what side of the witch’s hat it’s on? Fair enough, no passing through to yourself, that makes sense, but passing to your team mate, no big deal. I’ve played in number of tournaments where it was allowed, and then to come across a ludicrous idea such as having to pass it twice before scoring seems a little silly. Maybe we should say if you pass through your own goal you should have to spin your mallet around 3 times above your head or do a 360 on your bike - it makes about as much sense. Positional play should be rewarded in polo, not frowned upon. I see good polo just as much about good positioning as amazing dribbling or shooting skills. If a player can get good position for a shot at goal by receiving a pass from behind and through the goal line, so be it.
Yet another rule where none need exist in the first place.

As for defending your goal, well why is it even questioned? You should be able to defend it however you want. As stated in a post above, having a full-time goalie means one less player to attack. It’s not like there aren’t any repercussions for doing so. As with any other type of play in polo (legit and non-dirty play that is), you learn to adapt and get around it.

A goalie’s not impenetrable defence. just adapt your style of play, slow down, shoot straighter, trick angles… get a team mate to take them out… whatever works. best learn to deal with this shit now than when you get to the worlds in August.


and a big can of toughen up wouldn’t hurt either

Having a dedicated goalie is pretty much standard in most leagues in the rest of the world

If a team of three lose one player to be their permanent goalie, it means they can’t attack as successfully. If a team use all three to attack then they lose their defence. There are pros and cons to any kind of play.

+1 to what Scott and Leigh said

The goalie is mostly tripoding or track standing… neither of those are particularly stable and one good bump or mallet hook and they’re down

I think the pass-through-goal thing can be easily solved by a D.

Ball must leave D before shot on goal.

How do they do it in London JOL?


Is this going to become an ‘In new york they…’ ?

We play D, but then we have D’s. They can be easily marked and avoid any discussion on goal or not decisions.