POLO exhibition. FRANCE then all EUROPE, NA ...etc etc

hi dudes

a friend of mine is organising the first bikepolo exhibition.

He s collecting mallets, tshirts, spokecards, disc covers, broken mallets…well actually everything related to the last 5 years or so.

just to show how everything changed, blablabla.

he really wants a melbourn style angle mallet for example… i ll give him spokecards i have from here as well as tshirts.

here is what he wrote me:

Hello dear friends,

We are happy to announce you that Fabrice Houdry and myself Pierre-Adrien Dracon, known as Yaralt and Eugène in the Bikepolo scene and cycling environment (members of the Broken Legs team), are taking care of an exhibition called “TERRAIN DUR Bike Polo Show” (Hardcourt Bike Polo Show). I’ll let you discover this project…

Pierre-Adrien is an editor and silkscreen printer for his publishing company “Eugène&Pauline”. Fabrice Houdry is an Illustrator and curator.

We are working on a exhibition about the young history of Bike Polo and therefor we are asking every player over the world, to participate.

Hardcourt Bikepolo emerged from the United States more or less ten years ago, and for about 5 years in Europe. This urban sport, close to fix gears, quickly revealed a strong imagery. Graphic designers, Illustrators, photographs, film makers… often players them self, got a hold on of the different equipments and visuals to invest them and personalize them. Like many have seen in the Skateboarding universe, this new urban sport offers the same creativity and aesthetic freedoms.

This exhibition will reunite, we hope, a large representation of graphic productions that Bikepolo has brought up. That’s why we solicit you, players, teams, tournament organizers, builders, to contribute for the luxuriousness and variety of this project.
We are interested in any kind of work: posters, publications, spokecards, flyers, stickers, teams and tournaments teeshirts, videos, pictures. Everything can have a graphic interest. Score boards, rules, original equipments, mallets, wheels covers, socks, tatoos…
Don’t hesitate to give us informations on your teams, tournaments, ranking, pictures of your community, texts, notes and anecdotes. Everything can be sent to us and will become a first base of archive about Bikepolo.

For different reasons of cost and calendar, we would prefer original works. We could in certain exceptional cases, accept digital files. Technically, we can not take in charge shipping costs, and of course we will not return any elements because they’ll become a base for the exhibition that will be traveling worldwide we hope. Of course we will not forget to send you pictures and informations on their journey. Your contribution/donation will be mentioned and respected as they should be.

All elements must be sent before the 28th of February 2011, since the exhibition is programmed in France a first time in Canteleu (Urban cultures festival) on the 13th of April 2011, then in le Havre in May / June / July for the festival Graphic season.

Please send everything to:

Yaralt studio
39 rue Beauvoisine
76000 Rouen


Don’t hesitate! We are all counting on your contribution.
Thank you and long life to Bikepolo!

Eugène et Yaralt.

if you guys can help it would be really appreciated.

I have stuff in the post to them. Might be more London-centric though.

i can send a bench minor tee. jono’s blood stained, sleeves cut off tshirt that he doesn’t want.
and a purple reign spoke card.


i think whatever would be appreciated.

i personnally give old malletheads,tees from the saucy lobstarz, disc covers, spokecards, broken vans… i really like their idea and all the jobs Fabrice is doing is always good.

Xrays of broken bones, caps or whatever as pacths would be great

Hmmm, maybe I should lay down the Mapei Cap.

wells up

oh my days! that’s a big move…