Polo - Pub meet - 29/8

Gah, I been pwned!

Meet is moved forward by a week to 3pm Sunday 22 August.

Venue is Lambert Place basketball court in Lyneham:
lambert pl o’connor - Google Maps

Look for it at the top of the hill. This is a fine public venue, so no school permission required and partial kerbing so balls will be contained.

We should have no problem at all with 2 or 3 a side as we have half-dozen solid citizens lined up for this, but we definitely want more. so get the word out.

There will also be:

  • spare mallets for latecomers.
  • a jackpot for the highest pointscorer of the day so bring $5.
  • a bbq and an esky of beverages so bring another $5 to kick in.

Mallets mallets mallets!!!

Steve, Tea and I did some building today. A couple of hours handy work and we have 11 mallets, enough for two teams and spares (perhaps expecting some breakage on the day…).

This means that all you need next weekend is you and your bike, any bike! See you there.

Good one!

Keef is bringing his balls.


Things I will miss due to work:

  1. SS Nats
  2. Debacle Beer Degustation
  3. This
  4. Etc.