Yarra Bend Park, Fly Casting Pond

playing 6pm till dusk - then a beach ride with the bikefun kids … moar info at http://www.bikepolo.com.au/

Heehee. I should have mentioned that spot! Too far though :smiley:

tonight is at Ikea Richmond (Vic Gardens) from 6.30pm onwards

last tuesday was interesting, a guy who used to play bike polo in the UK 30 years ago came down to tell us about the good old days of 1:1 bikes, bars only a few knuckles wide on the right hand side for room to swing a mallet, and popping monos to catch and control high balls. what what

There’s a tournament the weekend after next.

MAY 30th + 31st
2 Days of Bike Polo Madness. Venue TBA, $5 entry
Day 1, set teams, (BYO or enter the ballot) Noon till Dark.
Day 2, pickup polo + trackstand, footdown, quickstop + more.
Heaps of prizes for podium placing as well as best player, best new player, best female, best outfits, best stack.
Out-of-towners can get in touch for billeting via www.bikepolo.com.au or contact melbourne.bicycle.polo.club@gmail.com.
Big party, Saturday Night.
More details + Flyer at www.bikepolo.com.au
… eventually

Will be in Melbs on the weekend of the tourney :-D. Not bringing a bike (not bringing much at all actually). Have a bit of stuff on already but should make it along on the Saturday arvo. Venue decided yet? Can I borrow someones bike+mallet on the day?

Looks like the tennis courts at Flagstaff, still TBA I think. Should have an update after tonight.
I don’t know why it’s taking them two days to host a tournament. Can lend a bike and mallet if you play on our team :wink:

Polo is also from The Future.

great photo alex. very star wars.



Bumping this for the weekend, there are a few people coming down from interstate so it should be good. Not many players have registered (online at least), but there are heaps of prizes up for grabs and there will be plenty of spare mallets around if you want to have a crack at it. And beer.

There’s going to be a big party afterwards.