Here is my pompino commuter and me having fun. Came in plenty under budget and I can ride it like my bmx so I’m very happy. I’ll get a better photo at some point.

Frame: On-One Pompino, large. (Cheers Snowflake)
Fork: Stock crabon one off Voodoo Wazoo.
Headset: Pro
Stem: Pro
Bars: FSA XC 281 risers.
Brakes/levers: Cannondale V’s.
Front wheel: Deep V
Back Wheel: Aerohead to Logic hub (Thanks Justin!)
Tyres: 28C gatorskins.
Cranks/Chainring: Shimano Alivio/Blackspire super pro 38.
BB: 103 mm one…
Chain: Connex Wippppppermannn.
Freewheel: 18t Dicta (temporary, might splurge on a W.I.)
Seatpost: Kona
Seat: Ole Rolls.
Pedals: Sylvans/all city cages/origin 8 doubles. Atacs when I get my MTB shoes. (Anyone got some GR9’s?)

Any advice on gearing? I thought 38/18 would be way too low because I ran 44/17 fixed previously but it feels okay. Was thinking on going 38/17 or 38/16, any thoughts. SS cross gearing hangs around 61" (depending on the course) if I’m correct.

more faken’ger than ever

i ran 58inch’s and that was perfect for every dirty deeds(excluding coburg, nothing was going to make that race easyer) i did, i was a little under gear’d for the CSV cross open though

Come get a portrait with it being all fakenger-y like you do so well and I’ll also take some shots of it. Got any gaps in your exams?

I run 62 inches on my SS and it feels magic. Plenty if speed and it destroys hills.


…looks cool though

needs pegs

First mod I would recommend - a front rack, to avoid embarrassing situations where you are unable to get a bikeless friend home, and end up with grave lifestyle problems.


boom, yes!

I didn’t know moss from the it crowd liked bikes…

and has stopped wearing glasses

It’s on the way, I’m still embarrassed though.

My mum made me put on glasses and a lame shirt so I looked like him once. Can’t do the voice though.

seconding the fatter tyres call… even better since you are going to ride it like a big bmx.

cute photo.

very nice Sean… love the photo

Yeah Sean hmmmm goddamn sexy photo

Why is that 8yo holding your bike?

International Pomp in Vancouver

Now has drops/canti’s/xtr pedals/renthal chainring/sram s500 levers/chris king headset and plenty more upgrades, needs new cranks to go with my ck bb. Fat tires call was heeded and kojaks are treating me well on the streets over here with the occasional dirt or gravel excursion. I want a x-bow or something with 1X10 set up now for a bit more flexibility.

awesome bike