pop goes the tube (new tyres causing tubes to pop)

just picked up some gaterskins and they’re pretty tight to get on the rims - ie my pissy little thumbs can’t get them all the way around. I’ve tried using a tire lever but i seem to always nick the tube on the inside when i lever it in. as a result the tubes pop…

any suggestions on getting the tires on w/out the levers, or w/ the levers and not catching the tube?

I’ve heard dishwashing detergent can help you get them tight tires on. I’ve never done this though. And also, don’t use it as a lube anywhere else, bike or bedroom related.

There is a technique to fitting tight tires start at the opposite side of the valve with a little bit of air in the tube push the tire beads into the deepest part of the concave bit of the rim giving you more space to fit the tire then work you way around needling and pushing down on the tire towards the valve. Then with a bit of luck the extra room you have created by pushing the tire in allows it to pop on. Failing that get someone with some tough thumbs to fit. If you running thick rim tape like velox cloth tape ditch it for some thinner stuff like the ritchy tape

stretch the tyre out a bit. hook it around your foot and pull it as hard as you can to stretch the bead a little, and then use detergent, or even spit or water. stretching it helps quite a bit though

got it.

stretched before. used dishwashing liquid.

the blowing up method didn’t work. adding pressure actually pulled it tighter and made it harder.


inflating the tire just a little stops you pinching it

Its all technique, if you end up with a third of the tyre overlapping the rim, you doin it wrong! :wink:

  • a little air is good (just to let the tube take form)
  • talcum powder the tube (powder in a plastic bag, add tube) and then mount it on the rim
  • as per slinkys instructions…

ive never seen a tyre that couldnt be mounted, but it takes a little patience and you have to work slowly if its tight. keep pinching and working the tyre, and yes tough thumbs help.

there are some rim/tyre combinations that suck at first (mavic/conti being one that springs to mind).

Ritchey tyres on Ritchey wheels, the dreaded combo haha!

Talcom Powder is awesome. Its comes off easy once your finished. Sometimes two set of hands is always helpful when fitting 28’s and 30’s. takes a minute as opposed to 5.