pop it up. now ride backwards. with your mate on your shoulders

Junior artistic cycling championships in europe, May this year.

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there’s one oh shit moment, the whole crowd nearly blows them over with their group gasp …

Bloody hell, your mates always want a free ride, don’t they?

The sisters were impressive, but the German male single has a few insane moves of his own.

Jump from saddle to bars, multiple barspins (standing on bars), handstand on bars…

(also, repost from youtube thread, but kunstrad is awesome enough for its own topic).

Anyone see the Radball net being brought in as soon as the girls finished?

I call bullshit on the whole thing…

Council of Doom was heaps more impressive.

And there wasn’t a single Aerospoke or riser bar.



This has already been posted:


its like 6 months old in internet time

That bike would be perfect for polo.

That should be in the Olympics.

or on Dave Letterman’s ‘stupid human tricks’ segment :smiley:

coffee came out my nose when I read the comment " so still no cure for cancer?"

yes… radball >> artistic cycling (and i am continually blown away by artistic cycling)

side note: i had a quick look… but has anyone else seen the video of innes brun doing a bunch of her kunstrad tricks on a street fixed gear? needless to say she was sufficiently skilled.

she needs to get a ‘street stylist’, some cut-offs, vans and a brooklyn cap would arguably be a better look than blue tights and a glitter borat-kini

queen of the wheelie


Nice, she is like a girl Shirts - but with a vagina and a shirt.

sorry shirts, had to be done :stuck_out_tongue: