Popping a tent: I need to camp and a tent isn't in my budget.

Greetings friends, it’s your crazy old buddy Mr Dylan.

THIS WEEKEND I will be attending a birthday party in dandenong, and because of imminent beautiful weather, many people who crash at this party will be camping out in the backyard to sleep/pass out.
Here’s the thing.
I don’t have a tent.
So I’m gonna make one. But I don’t really know much about tents or camping, so if y’all could give me some basic tips about how long and how awesome it should be, then please, SHARE your knowledge!
So far, ibthink I’m gonna make a wooden frame, cover it in some fabric, and ummm idk, make it collapsible enough to fit into my tiny convertible for the short drive there.
Also I might find somebody wanting to share said tent, so this should be taken into account.
PICS WILL BE POSTED OF PROGRESS! oh yes. I might even sell the tent to one of you lucky people here after I’ve finished with it, unless I fall through it while completing a ‘wizard staff’ with my friend who’s nickname makes me think he’s quite the ‘whiz’ himself.

tarp. 2 x bungee cords. 4 tent pegs.


Make a tipi?

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Pole length might be an issue for the mx5.

Otherwise, just a basic bivy shelter, rope & canvas/tarp and you’re done.


That tipi is amazing!

You have the skills! Make it happen.


Pole length thing will do me in though, ergh. Not colapsible enough. If transportation were not an issue, that would be my thing.
Also it’s very hipstery. Which is good.

make a hammock, borrow a space blanket - done.

The only posts there to hammock between are the fence and my cock.

^ It’s good to have you back, Dylz.

Real men dont sleep in tents. Get a swag you clownshoes

+1. scope out a corner and use the fences.

Guess someone else will be sleeping in the hammock. Use the space blanket to fashion a head-tipi.

real men pass out in their coleman camping chairs and get covered in blue nikko pen.

This ^

But tents are embarassing, home made ones even more so…

You can get parachute nylon (ripstop) hammocks and mosquitio nets which weigh less than 1kg. I have taken mine MTB’ing and camped in -2 degree temperatures (with a suitably rated sleeping bag)…they are versatile and easy to use.

I would reconsider even attending if sleep is part of the plan. Unless of course it is a multi night party then
a. swag - obvious choice
b. coleman camping chair + blanket
c. blanket, blanket, pillow, blanket + tarp - in that order from the ground up - this is more of a buddy system :wink:

are there trees where you are going? if so, bring a big knife

Take your caravan. There’s no place like home.

lol - this. I’m sure you could zip tie it to the back of the Miata.