Popular brand bike frame

I picked up a frame recently, the brand name is “Popular”. Good frame, however the name means that I can’t find info on the brand for obvious reasons. Has anyone heard of this brand before? It is a steel frame, probably 80s?

Yeah they were pretty popular… :roll:

Don’t worry about the brand: worry about how its made. What tubing / lugged / braized / welded etc? Does a magnet stick to it?

I don’t need a lot of info on the build quality as I wouldn’t have got it if (on the surface at least) it didn’t appear to be a decent enough frame for a rebuild. I was more interested in obtaining some history on this manufacturer, was it built by a local Aussie frame builder? Just a curiosity…

According to the bike museum http://canberrabicyclemuseum.com.au/Frame%20Details%20by%20Place.htm Popular aren’t are recorded Aussie manufacturer.

Is there is a serial number on the BB? Model name?

Try searching velospace.org too.