Porcelain Rocket - Sally Ride + Booster Rocket

Hey kids - just wondering if anyone out there has a Porcelain Rocket Sally Ride or Booster Rocket that they are using - I am hoping for a bit of a test fit on the Kumo + Camber before making a purchase.



I have a Revelate Pika that I could bring with me to Canberra next weekend


But you’ll probably already ruled that out for some reason?

+3 beardo = buy Relevate Designs
+7 moustached designer = buy Porcelain Rocket and matching pen set

There’s also http://www.bikebagdude.com/ for custom size, locally made stuff. I think Keith got a bag from them for Japan (??? – Might be getting my IG subscriptions confused…)

Do this. A lot of the fat bike dudes are getting kit from him and it all looks solid.

Thanks guys - I have tried the Oveja Negra (sold by Bike Bag Dude) on the Kumo - this is how it fits. The fit is good, and was tested for about a hour ride with a six pack and other bits loaded in there. You will notice I don’t have a lot of seat post to work with which is why I am needing test fitting before going down the custom route. I prefer the design of Rocket’s bar bag over Bike Bag Dude.

Ideally I would be super cashed up and get a nice little matching set from swift industries, but that won’t really work on my MTB.

Fairweather bags… anyone have any experience with them?

commuter sell them, so they can’t be total shit.

Yeah, just saw them pop up in my feed which reminded me about them.

Someone I rode with on the Brevet has one - they’re real nice. I really like how you can attach a small dry bag to the rear of the bag. Upper pocket is also cool. It certainly flops less than my Viscacha when loaded as well. Apparently fits most frames… comes in multiple colours and can be easily purchased in Australia. All positives, ey

This sounds promising.

From the pics t looks like it will fit your small seatpost too

Yup, thats why I have been asking…

Good quality stuff.
I have a small frame bag and it is nicely put together

You’re nicely put together.

So Australia stockists? Chat to Commuter Cycles?

Since when?