Portsea / Return - This Sunday.

Bit late notice, but…

Given the enthusiasm of the etomato ride, I thought I’d organise a Portsea/return ride this Sunday.

Plan is to roll out at about 8:00am on Sunday (the 1st of May), with the aim of arriving and having some overpriced lunch at the Portsea Pub sometime after 12:00. We’ll try and make it back to Melbourne before it gets dark, but these things never go to plan so I’d recommend bringing some lights.

Plan is to LEAVE from Peidimonties Supermarket at 7:40, or Fed Square at 8:00 - and if you’re Deep South, then we’ll probably roll past Cafe Racer around 8:20 or so.

If you don’t think you can make the 200km return journey, there’s also the option of catching the train to (and/or back from) Frankston, which cuts the distance down considerably. (I’d reccomend the 8:54 train from Flinders st on the way out)

I’ll be riding a roadie in full lycra, but you can ride/wear whatever you like. If it’s a big group there’s a chance we’ll get split up, which isn’t the end of the world, given that you’ll know where to find everyone. And if you check this out- you’ll know how to get there.

Finally, this entire thing is fairly weather dependant, so if the weather is atrocious then we’ll probably just do Mordy and call it a day. See ya’ll there!

Is this a cruise, or a race?

Chaz, working Sunday (racing Saturday) so give us a yell when you pass.

Caz: I don’t think they will be racing 200km.

Way to turn everyone off, Chaz…

Neither, really.

No way - I look totally dapper in my lycra. You should come mate, this is essentially a brewery ride without the brewery.

oh FFS - The only reason I made it sunday was because I thought you had the day off! - balls… - next time!

You forgot to mention that if you think you can ride fixed and keep up you’re either:
a) Tomhall
b) Stoopid

Soz mang, Northern Combine has started! All the weeks up until now I would have been all over it! Next time indeed.

to do portsea in a semblance of the times chaz has posted, you’ll need to average ~25kph.

i’d suggest while it isnt a race, it will be a consistent pace. think sitting above 30 for most of your riding and do that for ~7-8hrs of riding.

if that sounds like your cup of tea then do it… chaz is pretty amusing.

I seriously hate working Sundays

have done this before fixed on about 74 inches and it was fine and I am by no means the fastest or fittest guy around.

Or single speed if you are etomato.
Would love to come but I believe I am busy Sunday (and will probably be tired after Northern Combine). Otherwise would definitely come.

You know what? You’re right. I was trying to be funny but it didn’t play out that way. Anyone who hasn’t done it should come out and give it a crack, just bring plenty to eat and drink on the way

I’ve got a trip to church to make sure i’m not left off the will.

Yep - Cheers Cee, will be a solid(ish) pace, but as mentioned - if you can’t keep up, you’ll know where to find us.

I thought you were funny trigs, and did lol audibly.

Anyway chaz, can I meet you at frankston? I’d rather ride 30km south than 50km north west then 50km southeast.

Pm me your number and I’ll give you a call, I’m deffs keen.

Sweet! - We’ll probably roll through Frankston just before 10!

i’m in.

be gentle

Be more gentle with me than you are with rolly.

Lucky for you Trigger is coming so if anyone’s going to be a target it’ll be him. The good news for you is that while we’re at the front being overly competative, you can just suck wheels at the back. Everyone wins.

Will try to sort out my roadie before then. Would be rad.

Worth mentioning that according to BOM we should have a tailwind both directions…hopefully!!