Portsea / Return - This Sunday.

I wish I could do this again but i’m feeling like death, bali belly + flu…

blatant “i’ve just been to bali” post.

I guess, most people doing this ride already knew that though…

in jest coffee.

and i’m injured enough at the moment now to neither play soccer or go on a decent ride. which is a shame because i have a nice new (for me) bike with gears and all.

Ah fuck.

Mind if I tag along? I was planning on heading south tomorrow anyway, it would be nice not to go solo

Sure! I probably wouldn’t have put it on a public forum if I didn’t want anyone to come!

Or would you!
I am tentatively in!

Yeah, come along! Melb to frankston essentially follows a train line so If the pace or distance proves too much there’s plenty of exit strategies.

Forgot about the vegan bake sale / sneaker freaker swap meet. Will not be attending sorry!

forgot I agreed to move a table tomorrow. Ehhhhh.
Might go climb some hills tomorrow afternoon instead :frowning:

Nice to put a few faces to names today. Pity I could only do Mordy with you guys, but given the pace, I don’t think I would have made the full distance anyway.
Hope you had a good ride though.
And thanks to Chaz for organising !

I just dropped the ball on this, no questions. Hope everyone had a good ride.

Was a great ride, Thanks for everyone who came along. The rain never properly set in, and only really maxed out at a drizzle. However the pace turned out to be a little higher than expected - I think the average was just over 30kph over 200kms which I’m sure I’ll pay for tomorrow.

Think we’ll probably do some hills next week, either Kinglake or Olinda. - details to come…

Sounds like a success. Make it next Sunday Chaz!

From Rolly’s FB status, he’s all over the recovery with beer in the shower!

The hilly section from mt. Martha to safety beach? Is awesome, don’t think I could’ve handled the pace though for 200km’s, were you stopping very often?

Stopped for brief refuels maybe twice on the way there, then twice on the return for punctures. - Mt Martha to Dromana is awesome - bit hairy traffic-wise though. - And that tunnel under the river at Dromana is sweet.

that was a good ride, i feel much better now then last night, when i was incredibly tired.

Was going to but apparently it’s mothers day - and for some reason city folk don’t see it as a joke and actually spend the day with their Mums. weird…