POS raleigh

Hi, what started as a stupid idea turned into a quick obsession with mates.

Always had a soft spot for fixies. So now that I have disposable income, I picked up a crummy old raleigh for $10
looking to learn more about this culture. I already have my vision of what I want to do but please push me in the right direction:
plan to get a L shape stem, fixie conversion, respray, replace what needs to be replaced, some over night parts from japan :stuck_out_tongue: and those curved race handle bars

I actually have no idea what I’m doing. so suggestions would be much appreciated.
car was a money pit not this…

look around gumtree for a pre-done up fixie for $80-$100… save your disposable income on something else…

[EDIT] sorry for being so harsh… but i would of liked someone to tell me that when i first got started… spent way too much on a conversion instead of buying a cheap second hand…

anyways gave you a hand looking… this is probably worth it even for the parts

^^ than wasn’t harsh and your right. Do what he said and if ya really get into it spend the money on something decent with horizontal dropouts for starters and a nice “quill” stem (thats the L shape thingy) in conclusion DUDE, DON’T FUCKING BOTHER!!!

Buy a Cell for $200.

Blow your disposable income on hookers and coke. Or carbon wheels.

Yeh seriously. That thing looks rideable as-is: keep it for a pub bike and buy a $200 cell. Or the $300 one if you’re feeling saucy.

^ completely agree with everything said above.

Thanks for the info guys, I will keep those thoughts in my mind. This will just be a cheap commuter that will be modified here and there. Once I learn more about stuff then I’ll get a proper one.

I had a look at cell bikes but I’m more of a fan of restoring a rust bucket. I like getting my hands dirty and learn about things.

this is the equivalent of rocking up to a mates place in a rusted out Datsun 120Y that’s got a fucked gearbox & is only running on 2 cylinders.

sure, you could fix it up coz you like restoration projects, or you could just buy yourself a 1992 Toyota corolla for $1500 that’ll get you around until you decide what car you really wanna buy.

I mean, by all means, go for it if you’re keen for a challenge/project, but just don’t expect it to be as cheap to restore as you think.

plenty of good info on FOA though, so stick around & check it out, but don’t get too offended if people disagree with your plans.


This should be the FOA motto

love 70-80’s Japanese cars. I’ve been a car enthusiast since I could remember, my current car has been a 4 year project. This would serve as a cheaper alternative hobby.

I’m am one that is not easily offended. I like to keep an open mind :slight_smile:

anyways here are more meaningless pics. because we all love pics :stuck_out_tongue:

can I go with larger wheels? not much clearance but I could grind a bit off the top.

Just purchased this bull horn thing. cheap budget build

hence my use of the car analogy.

ps - don’t grind anything off.

They’re drops, not bullhorns.

But imagine how cool you’d be if you put them on like bullhorns. You could be the king of JRI

Welcome to the scene

Some cat was getting around in Adelaide with his track drops backwards like deep (deeeep) bullhorns.

Looked shit.

Looking to grind off the brake line holders on the frame though…hmmm

thanks for the correction

You need a set of these!

nope. just nope.

Listen to the FOA Mafia.
It won’t be a cheap commuter, it will be a very expensive, yet also very crap commuter. That always breaking, probably making you late for work.
I’ve been there. I spent soo much money on and old Raleigh actually. And by the time I was able to actually ride it, I could have had quite a nice off the shelf thing. Instead of the POS I ended up with.
Sorry for being blunt, and welcome. Ha