POS raleigh

Step 1: The BEST Beginner Fixie Bike Under $500

Step 2: Upgrade parts

Step 3: Nicer frame

Step 4: Steel road bike

Step 5: Race track on upgraded fixthie

Step 5: Cyclocross bike

Step 6: MTB

Step 7: Quit fixies

Step 8: Take up running.

Keep HMC outta this…

Didn’t realise you were talking about me

When does the foofy porteur bike come into it?


shirt removal was not mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure if sticker is legit or not 1921 wtf? is that just the company est. date? or bike date?

Not bike date.


This guy is beyond help.

Looks like 1927 to me, must be the bike’s favourite band.

Anything I can do I do it for you, against the strong recommendations of FOA.

Does any one else often think how rad some threads would be in real life, say just hanging out drinking bundy ginger beer eating pizza ?

Yep. I don’t get out much.

this is turning into to some epic trolling…

i had a st185, that was a shit car. i just ride bicycles now.

brendanxxx said you should upgrade your wheels to mavic io and comete because they are the best dont fuck about with inferior products

you should grind everything off, build a sick fixie, then realise your error, and then spend money brazing all the bits back on and then building it as a roadie again.

ps, wheres azz? anyone heard from him? the dude ok?


So good.

This is what our Thursday night rides turned into, minus the ginger beer and pizza, adding beer and sitting by a duck pond.

azz was banned.

i believe he’s still about on instagram.