Position Vacant - Architectural 3D Visualiser

My office is looking for an experienced architectural 3D visualiser/renderer/digital artist/animator type.

I know there’s a few people around here that do that kind of stuff, or maybe you know someone.

It’s not really my area of expertise, but I can put you on to someone who knows a lot more than me.

The office is in Melbourne.

PM me.

PS I’m the only staff member here who rides fixed, so if you’re interested in the position and you currently ride fixed, you will have to surrender your rear sprocket and replace it with a freewheel, or preferably get a new bike entirely where your sweet fixxay will be sent to the bottom of The Yarra.

hahaha, i think it’s only right that anyone challenging for the title needs to race you in the Royal Parade TT™ (with compulsory skid challenges obviously)

You didn’t mention which 3D software packages are required.

I have some nifty MSPaint skills which I think could command an above average contract. Is it one of those ‘hipster’ offices with a coffee machine, pool table, pinball etc. I’d like to work in one of those.

As if I know shit like that.

We have a pretty awesome coffee machine, it’s a Wega and Benny Tatts came around a couple of times to show us how to use it properly. I can do rosettas. We also have a ping pong table, but it only comes out on Friday nights. Not many hipsters though, sorry.

If they supply the acid I’m sure I’ll qualify.

What’s the Archi dress code there? - Classic monochrome, or do you guys do ‘feature jumper’ colour blocking?

Seriously, we’re the scruffiest office you’ve ever seen. It ranges from jeans and t-shirts for the CAD monkeys through to expensive suits for the directors.

I would actually love to know what 3D programs they use in general nowadays.
Probably could have applied for this had I not mortgaged my graphic design career years ago.

When can you start?

Everyone renders in 3D strudio max these days. But for modeling there is tons of different programs still in wide use - Revit, Archicad, Rhino, Autocad, are probably the main ones.

Would apply if I still lived there… and needed a job.

I’ll keep an ear out P!N20

I learnt on 3D Studio version 4, but that was back in like 97’ I remember seeing the layout for 3D Studio max and it looked like a control panel for a frigging space shuttle.

Wish I’d kept with it somedays, I remember waiting for ages (sometimes overnight) for my 486 to render futuristic cities and shotguns when I should have been doing coursework.

Not me - I render in Rhino with Vray. Do all my modeling there as well.
Was using grasshopper for the first time the other day - spent about 4 hours swearing under my breath trying to work it out, then when I finally nailed it, jumped up and yelled ‘fuck yeah, you bitch!’. Anyway, they won’t let me use grasshopper anymore.

hahahaha that last line killed me!!! hahaa shiiiiiit.

I am imagining a massive, silent, open plan office. Awesome.

I always modeled in Rhino (don’t really do any modeling from scratch any more) but never explored any different rendering add ons. It’s a really friggin awesome modeling program IMO.

I think visualisation studios just use max because it’s pretty easy to put models in there from all manor of different formats and texture them up. It’s really good for animation too.

If I was an actual architect and designing, modeling and rendering ideas, I would definitely want to do it all in the one program like Rhino.

Yeah - I think Max is better render-wise - but I can’t be bothered exporting everything over every time. - plus Modeling/rendering tends to happen simultaneously around here.
Also - after my little Grasshopper foray, I’m starting to wonder if a lot of Calatrava’s work is just a series of mistakes they made in grasshoper but chose to stick with them.

Alot of grasshopper stuff can be done in Max to. We do allot of modeling of elements in MAX and then bring them back into rhino.

NURBS. you’d know…

. . . many, many moons ago when I was sitting in the studio working on my Major Project, I discovered Fixies/MASH etc, and then discovered the forum - I was stumped at the time for a better name.

Here’s my application:

Disclaimer: The modelling, rendering and creation of the GIF took 5 minutes. Programs used: Solidworks2013, KeyShot4 and Free Online Animated GIF Maker - Make A GIF Easily

Use the Maxwell plugin in Rhino; its great.
That’s what we use. we do render animations in 3D Max a little. But that’s only because the animation controls are better in there(unless scripting the path acceleration in rhino which only a coupe of nerds can do).

PIN I can put a shout out to my peoples back home; someone’s always looking.