Possible Chainline Issues

I’m putting together a new bike and got a old Diamant frame off this site.
The seller lied and did not include BB as he said he would.
I installed a Shimano 110mm spindle square taper to go with some nice Sugino Mighty cranks I also bought.
Problem is I think even before I put a cog on the rear wheel that this chainline is going to be very ‘out’
See pics attached to show how far cranks sit from BB on the spindle but also there is only about 4mm clearance from chainring to rear stay.

I know that shimano BB comes in a 107mm, would it be worth exchanging it to bring it in 1.5mm each side?
Maybe I should get another brand BB so the cranks fit up the spindle further?

Afraid to say I’m a bit stuck with this one.

ps this problem is nothing compared to the difficulty finding as headset to fit.

Looks like you have some room to move before the chainwheel comes close to the chain stay, so you could maybe try a smaller spindle length?

Ok, who makes the smallest spindle length in a square taper either loose or cartridge…

They are a couple of solutions

  1. Measure your rear chain line dimensions then look up sheldon brown data base and find a bottom bracket that will give you the right chain line

  2. Buy a phil woods bottom bracket that give you quite a few mm adjustment either way

  3. remember there are a few variables that can be changed front and back but until you measure you really have no handle on the problem and the solution

If you do not measure you will never know and keep buying spindles until you hit it by chance

by the way what is wrong with the headset size.

Give dimensions and advice should follow .

full face

I have an SR 106 spindle if you want to give it a try, as full face says, measure up what you have - tells you where to go

couldnt you put the chainring on the other side of the cranks?
or would that be ugly or something?

front chainline measurement = 45mm
rear chainline measurement = 42mm

maybe only 3mm then :slight_smile:

Diamant head tube is 1-1.5mm larger than any other one in the world!
It’s very annoying. Vey very annoying

Azz you are still not telling me much
standard headset sizes are 26.4ISO,27.0JIS,1.25 inch,1.125inch ,1.5 inch and a few others

What is yours ?

If you do not know how to measure it up . H ere is a link to the Cane creek head set finder page.
Cane Creek Cycling Components :: Headset Fit Finder

There were a couple of companies over the world with the Brand Name Diamant including the east germans. The east germans seem to be slightly larger than 26.4 ISO

The variables you have to work with here Azz

  1. The rear chain line
    a. different hub or different rear cog . A different cog brand can change rear chain line by a mm or so .
  2. front chain line
    a. different crank
    b. different axle in terms of length
    c.different axle in terms of taper ( the crank will sit differently on Jis vs iso - dodgy though)
    d. bottom bracket with some adjustment in it that is a phil woods

I personally think phil woods is the way to go. You have about 5 mm adjustment in them and if you had bought one there would be no problem now. That is unless you like collecting a pile of different axles

full face to the azz

Thanks I’ll look into it in more detail

With my measurements Cane Creek site told me to get 1" standard.
This is wrong as I have already tried a number of different brands of 1" headsets.

whats the problem your having? is the pressed headset race to big? the outside diameter should be between 0.1mm and 0.25mm larger than the head tube inside diameter.

b. dud is right start from the beginning

what is the problem?

By your posts ( number , quantity and topics ) you seem a bit excitable. But slow down
if you delineate the problem these boys can help.

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Here is the link to head set sizing on sheldon Brown

If you measure correctly you should be able to find what it is

Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Glossary Ha-Hi

hope this is helping

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excitable? no not really

Headset problems= headset cups are too small for headtubing.
They are too small by 1-1.5mm in width.
They fall out and do not stick firmly.

The cups that you install into your head tube, usually using a headset press, are too small.
Therefore there is 1-1.5 mm of play. Not keen on shimming it either.

Is that clear enough for you?

Alright lets start from the beginning.
The cups that you have are too small for the head tube.
Now what is the internal diameter of the upper head tube measured accurately and what is the diameter and type of steerer tube. With that information you should be able to work out what will fit

full face

^ you’re being extremely helpful but can you please show me where there is a list of headset cups that are 1-1.5mm larger than a standard 1" threaded one?
Because that’s what I need.
I am not being a smartarse I do appreciate your help but I’ve been to 5 shops, all over the net and come up with nothing.

I’ll go take some more measurements


My forks are tange chromoly straight ones. They are 1" threaded.