Possible cheap Tommassini and an epic Carbon Commuter


Looks about a 56/57


And this thing, beggin for risers surly

Aero TT / Time Trial / Triathlon / Tri Carbon Bike Disc Wheel & Tri Spoke H3 Hed | eBay

if I was a few inches taller I’d be all over that Tommasini

Not convinced it’s a Tommasini, except for the decals there’s nothing to suggest it is. Only the tubular rims intimate it was once a quality bike, parts are cheapo.

hmm…i thought i saw some ‘t’ pantos. hmm…late night half asleep ebaying will do it.

I’ve bought so many things that i’d completely forgot about doing the same. :slight_smile:

I’m not saying it’s not a Tommasini as there may be some without any panto’s but those lugs were used by many and the fork crown is kinda nondescript. It looks well patinated so I doubt the seller is trying to pull a shifty or knows what it is (especially as he titled it a Commmasini). Buyer beware, do your homework before bidding.

I think it’s a nice frame, but my hunch says it’s not what the stickers say.

he’s also got this? reynolds CX…

That Harry Hall looks fucking rad.

Someone snap that up and build a tourer or town bike out of it. I’d be all over it if I didn’t just finish the Shogun.

I’m watching it…

any takers? i was tempted to put a bid down for the harry hall. that thing will scrub up nice.

i got outbid in the last 1 second on the Harry Hall,spewin’

$580 is a lot to pay for a genuine Commassini