Possible Colnago NSW

Colnago Extreme Power 55 56cm 7900 DA | eBay

May have a crack.

But is ‘extreme power’ not the worst name for a product ever?

The description says no cracks?
But seriously the description is heavy, special saddle to protect his man bits for his harem of women?
And he never crashed it because of his soft skin?

I think Drozzy means he might have a crack. And yeah, the description is a bit douchbag

Edit: Whoosh, straight over my head. Gimme a break, I’m sick.

Drozzy, let me know if you need someone to pick it up and hold it for you, its just around the corner from me (and HeavyMetal)

Sweet - that’d be tops if I get it.

Though doubt I will because I’m a born cheap ass.

This guy sounds like a dick, I wouldn’t want to deal with him on principle.

Jeez, that went for a mint.