Possible Terrible Question

Not sure if this will be committing forum suicide here, but I thought it would be the best place to ask. If out of line, feel free to nuke this post…

This may be silly to everyone here, but I just want a bike to get around that doesn’t look completely terrible. The closest thing I found was something like the Charge Mixer, but just found out they won’t be getting here possibly until early next year, and I need something a bit sooner.

If I wasn’t 100% convinced that anything I put together with my own hands would most definitely kill me, and had more than 2hours of free time a week, I might just give it a shot, but in the meantime, I’m just wondering if there is anyone/where in Victoria who will do a custom build to my liking.

If anyone has any recommendations, pleas feel free to drop me a message here.


Dan at shifter (or “shitfer” as my wife called it once and now I can’t shake it out) does a bit of custom what you’re after.


Otherwise there are plenty of off-the-peg choices:

Schwinn Madison, SE Lager, Surly steamroller etc etc etc

My advice is stay away from SE they are rubbish, serious rubbish

Re off the peg : Schwinn now have the Cutter. Priced beneath the Madison. Don’t know if anyone is importing it.

Is it aimed at the Emo market segment? xaxaxaxa. It’s cheaper - is it crapper? Giant also have a s/speed for around the $7-800 mark … Bowery?

As per a custom build: the usual: visit Ceres Bike Shed on a Saturday – get there early, 9 or 10. have a coffee. Pick a frame, order a wheelset from somewhere else, snip, snap, bob’s your auntie. Or check out Humanonce they open in High St Thornbury some time in December …



Is Shifter Expensive?

The only thing ive bought from shifter is GR9s

are they competitive in terms of pricepoint when it comes to a full build or halfbuild?

(conveluted sentences filled with crap spelling are my speciality)

You get what you pay for.

comparitavely no. he does have a lot of quality parts, and they don’t come cheap, but at shifter they will be cheaper than in stores. generally speaking.

After the many horror stories that i have heard, (dented top tubes, mashed headsets) Shifter does sound like a safe choice if your after a quality build.

I’ll vote for ya Matt

Another vote for Dan, have a look at his gallery and you’ll see why.

It cost me about a grand to build up a hard rubbish road frame I shipped back from Perth and its now a thing of beauty

price; quality of products…and more importantly quality of service.

hands down, shifterbikes.

I would guess Shifter would be the only place to go if you wanted a ‘blinged up’ custom fixie.

Otherwise Abbotsford cycles for a no frills build.