Possible where to look for stolen bikes

There is a guy who reportedly sells stolen bikes at Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy. A mate was approached by him asking
for $70 for a blinged out Fuji track.

Apparently he owns a large set of bolt cutters and is there fairly regularly. So if you get shit stolen from the area, could be a good place to start looking for it.

Report to cops?

Yeah I can back this up. I was at fitzy bowl and heard some bmxers talking about him and one in particular talking about how he bought stolen fixies and did them up then sold them on Ebay, I had a go at him and it didn’t go so well. He justified himself by saying “they’re fixies man”. I’ll try and find out his ebay username

Nah I didnt think I would be taken seriously. Hi Mr cop one of my friends told me that there was a dude selling stolen bikes in the gardens, can you please do a stakeout and catch the bastard?

Same as my mate, what can the cops really do in that circumstance?

I deal with two detectives from St Kilda and North Melbourne police respectively. Once you have some solid information get in touch at ponybikes@gmail and I can pass it on to the right people.

Is it true shifter bikes had a bike just stolen? Shit is out of control!

‘Shifter Bikes’ didn’t have a bike stolen, Dan OF Shifter Bikes had his bike stolen on Brunswick St.

I got this, detective Sean on the case.