Possiblity of Fixed.org.au Jerseys

hello all,

some of the queenslanders have shown interest in the possibility of having custom fixed.org.au jerseys made. usually these things work on minimum orders, so a list of real interest would need to first be compiled, and then designs would need to be submitted etc.

so i guess everybody who has an inkling of interest should pipe up here with any ideas; on either the style of jersey, the manufacturer, the design, or anything else related.

so far i have only had a chance to really look at Ventou, as they are based in melbourne. Alina has sent me the following PDF with information, which can be downloaded here: http://fixed.org.au/downloads/ventou.pdf

andrew has kindly compiled a list of possible manufacturers here:

any input kindly appreciated!

cheers, nick.

i failed to mention this is a not for profit idea, as is the entire website. just in case people thought i was going to try and cash in! :slight_smile:

I think it’s a good idea, but I’m not that keen on roadie lycra jerseys.

Something like a Shifter Bikes wool jersey would be nicer, but obviously a lot more expensive - Website Disabled

I’d like a classic wool jersey too, but they really are expensive.

I came up with the idea on the last BFR talking to rogaine, and then I figured we’d be better off collaborating with all the fixed riders in Oz as to get a better response and thus price.

I don’t mean any offense Nick, but my original idea was of a fixie jersey, but not one that’s overly ‘fixed.org.au’. Of course I’d insist on having the website address on it and I love ‘the anti-coast’, just not as the dominant theme, as I found other riders via aus.bicycle, bikeforums.net, the bikeqld mailing list and just riding around.

This does beg the question of what to use as the major design element, that is easily recognisable as fixie related, and not too complicated. Off the top of my head, a single track cog or a stylised track bike may work, but I’m sure someone with some design nous can come up with something that screams ‘Australia fixed gear rider’. (Kangaroo on a fixie?!)

If the image below doesn’t show, then go to:

Then there’s other manufacturers, in the fixie community there are some companies who are respected for their products and/or their business practices (eg: Phil Wood, Velocity, Brooks, Nitto, Chris King, IRO…). I don’t know how any of them would feel about either sponsorship or just the use of their name. Plus some riders might not want to advertise for anyone regardless of who they are.

Anyway, chime in everyone and lets get a sweet custom jersey in the works.

(I also think ‘If it’s not fixed, it’s broken’ needs to be there somewhere)

edit: Don’t take that list of manufacturers and details in primz’s post for gospel, it’s just what I turned up from a quick search of the web and google.groups. There are probably more companies out there and the pricing could be out of date.

I’m on board for the jersey. And supportive of the “quality” line proposed by 853, without fully understanding the implications of going woollen in sunny Brisbane.

A somewhat spare approach, high visibility, happy to promote the website/forum, appeals to me. I’d pass on sponsorship for its own sake and chase “the look”.

What’s “the look” - hell I don’t really know - but simple, spare, like the bikes we ride is my thinking.

Other thoughts??

I agree with rogaine, a simpler sparser jersey is best. Wool is apparently not hot in summer, but I’ve never worn one.

To achieve ‘the look’ I proposed the following:
Classic wool jersey (but in lycra for cost reasons) styling as fixed riding is somewhat retrogrouchy, so shouldn’t the jersey also follow that line? i.e. centre white stripe and trim on neck/arms and solid colour for the rest (navy blue/maroon/red/something, not gaudy but classic and stylish)

Logo of some sort, whether it be a spinning roo or something else on the stripe front and back, and possibly a slogan of some sort underneath. (If it’s not fixed it’s broken, the anticoast, one gear to rule them all, you only need one,…)

fixed.org.au logo & anticoast somewhere visible to other riders, either on the side of the stripe, or on the armbands.


all sounds good to me. i like the idea of sparse as opposed to over-saturating it with branding. i’d love wool, but as others have said, it is costly. do any of the listed custom jersey manufacturers have wool prices up? the shifterbikes jerseys are expensive, but more than likely have a markup as they’re being sold retail.

maybe rhino could shed some light on where shifterbikes had their jerseys made, and we could make some enquiries.

in terms of making it specifically fixed.org.au - i have no real attachment to the idea, thats just how i interpreted the initial concept - but sure, if you guys want to put it somewhere on the design, i would of course be happy to see it.

as for a slogan, i could always pull out the poll functionality of this board! :slight_smile:


How about using the most defining part of any fixie… track, street, mountain, whatever: the fixed rear sprocket!

That’s only rough, but you get the idea (eps).

maybe we could start with tshirts?

Sounds great but would it be acceptable to wear one of these jerseys while out riding with the bunch on my geared roadie?

not sure, we’ll have to run a poll :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I am for a jersey also. I like clean and sparse. Wool would be awesome but yeah if cost is an issue. (the jersey costing more than the bike) im happy with lycra.

T-shirt could be a good starting point as I’m not too keen on wearing my lycra down the pub.


Start with a T-Shirt. Wool Jerseys are great, but they are very expensive to get made and designed (ie> $145).

T-Shirts or even a Hoody.

yeah, a hoodie would be nice… hopefully i’ll have some news on the tshirt front in the next day or so.

For t-shirts and hoodies we should go through 'No Sweat Shop" in Smith St, Fitzroy. They are a little more expensive, but they are good quality. Both fyxamotosis and Shifterbikes get there garmets through there. Then we could screen print the design on…

I’ll leave the details up to you guys but white, white, white. It’s so bloody hot today.

  • Joel

Rhino, its a nice idea. The question is… Who has screen printing equipment?

I mean i know you can go buy a couple of screens and make your own, but it’d be a bit difficult if the graphic were any more than plain text.

i was thinking it might be nice to have someone like 4916.com make them (ive contacted them, they do a discount for bike-related tshirts) … they supply the tshirts and do the screen printing.

unless of course someone knows someone who makes tshirts, then it would be even nicer to do the nosweat tshirts and have them done locally.



I only know Andy who has the screenprinting stuff, but he is not home for a couple of months. Lets just get the t-shirts and things done…lets the the fixie word out.

Lets get these shirts back on the road …

Without really knowing what it is my vote is for a “technical fabric” - you know the stuff that is warm in winter; cool in summer; wicks sweat; pedals up hills … etc. (Be even better if it neutralised BO also!)

Agree with tomacropod, its gotta be white/light coloured - must be climate change, but hell its been hot up here lately.

T-shirt sounds the best all round option, Melbourne would have to offer better supply options than here, happy to use the fixed.org logo & ‘anticoast’, chasing an illustrator to give me a couple of simple design sketches of fixies (seems he’s less than impressed with the fee structure I’m proposing, but should come through)

Where next??

well, in a strange coincidence, Ventou got back to me and mentioned they do free design with the manufacturing… maybe worth considering what they can come up with.

rogaine, was the proposed fee structure beer? :wink: