Possibly cheap okay-ish Cecil Walker road

Vintage CECIL WALKER 700c Road Bike SHIMANO 600 | eBay

that is georgous…wouldnt change a thing(except new rubber and b.tape.)

THis is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a mate. Will be hitting the bids.

^ it’s caught my eye too i’ll have a crack.

Agreed this is an awesome practical roadie. Wouldn’t change a thing. If you went into Cecil Walker and wanted to buy this today you wouldn’t walk away with much change from 3000-4000 dollars.
And it’s got Biopace, eat your heart out Rotor.

This from the same seller could be even nicer
Vintage DOUG HARTLEY Classic ROAD BIKE Rare RACER Retro | eBay

How interested are you?

Sounds like a challenge… let the bidding wars begin!

Damn I was eyeing that thing off as well.

Looks light it might be a threeway*

  • and I’m cool with that, erle’s a nice guy, though I’d rather it’s of the mexican standoff variety… as long as I get to be Clint Eastwood

No, quite the opposite. I dont want to drive the price up against someone who wants it for themselves.

I’m cool with whatever, as long as I’m not the fat mexican guy!

the fixed.org shoot out is coming down to the wire…

Guess i ended up as Lee Van Cleef.
Did anyone on here get it?