post a pic of you and your latest purchase v2.


steel or alu?


Alloy. Shame, I would have loved an 853.


Stick the longer stem back on to compensate for the short reach of the swept back bars.

130mm works well on these two.

Out and about in the sun.


For the gal


Angle those bars so the ends point down, not up. Her wrists will thank me.

Arrow Porteur bars by ah_blake, on Flickr


re: tri-tri GTs, there’s (a new-ish) one in the window of Chapel St Crime Converters atm. didnt’ take a good look at it but if the fan-bois/gals wanna head down…



not for the trip, for the map. i like maps.


Looks good LT. Seems like you picked it up for a good price too. My only suggestions is swap the Alu fork and maybe a longer stem (unless your GF has T-rex arms). And are you gonna paint that frame? Looks like its been left to rust a little already.

And +1 what Blakey said. He knows his townie shit.


Yeah will see about making some changes down the track. I kinda dig the raw look, might just clear-coat/sticker bomb it. Up to her I guess!

Anyone have one of those clamp-on rear brakes?


^ Always thought they were a pretty expensive ugly option. Why not a coaster brake? They’re cheap as chips, just have to buy some new spokes… And you work in a BS right? Problem solved.

One-Speed Bicycle Coaster Brakes


Eeh. If I was gonna go the coaster brake I think I’d just convince her to go fixed. Seriously hate coasters haha!


When do you get into France?
I shall be riding around Europe from may onwards, and any chance to had a spin with others sounds very welcome


Look Ergo stem to syntace aerobars and bullhorns for hipster pursuits to the coffe shoppe


^ i like this ^


im in france from the 14th of june. till the 26th of july.
Preetty much staying in Paris. But will be doing a few over night rides to see the tour etc. And yes super keen for a brew and a spin with fellow aussies.


Yes i agree, Maps are epic.

I also have this map of Paris. They are amazing, waterproof, tear proof and crumple to the size of a tennis ball.


that would be epic… id be keen for sure. I have been saving google maps image of rides and putting them on my ipad so they link together like a big map.


Thanks for that Blakey, I just figured it would be way too long.
I have done some searching on the interwebs for stuff obout GT road bikes and while they love to talk about the Ti and 853 models, I can’t find much on the alloy models. Have you any suggestions where to look?


Sam, you crack me up buddy. Everytime I see you you’re rrocking some new mental setup. This one must be your best yet!


or riding around brunswick velo then taking your shirt off afterwards.

Bought this kask mojito, is comfy and retention adjust up and down to fit my bun.