Post things only arseholes / armholes do

  • use their umbrella on a covered footpath, swinging that thing about like they’re fucking gene kelly
  • start sentences with “i’m not racist, but…”
  • spend 4 minutes rearranging their wallet at the checkout
  • bike related things here

Give blow-by-blow descriptions of their latest epic personal training session, loudly, in an open plan office.

Put noise complaint letters in my mailbox… When my music is always off no later than 9pm anyway.

  • Tell you an awesome story that happened to them, which is actually the same awesome story that you told them the week before.

talk to you when you’re in the toilet. or when they’re in the toilet. or about the toilet.

spend lunch breaks complaining about work. every lunch break. all the time.

fuck off thats rad

+1 to that!

toilet talk in person is fine with me…but i draw the line at talking on the phone when either, or both, of you are on the can.

Toilet Rules

cut lines and other impatient acts.

Loud, intimate, mobile phone, conversations on crowded, public transport.

Double park their 4wd’s across the bike lane, forcing you out into the traffic, because they are too lazy to walk their fat arses a few metres from the empty car space ahead.

Bid up and win your items on ebay, then try and pull out of the sale.

Just take it as a compliment Chux.

fuck you gene! that’s some fucked up bullshit right there!

Fine line between idiots and arseholes.

Stand two abreast on escalators and / or moving walkways, not allowing anyone to pass them.

Try and overtake you as you approach roundabouts, because they need to be there before you, so they can stop and giveaway to other cars.

Don’t turn their phones to silent at work, so every call and message (which is a lot) can be heard, and when they respond to the text messages, you can hear every button press.

all of the bike lanes in boston are for double parking.
thems the rules.

People who say ‘adverse’ instead of ‘averse’.

And people who nitpick grammar.


haha, i also like “the feeling’s neutral”

that must be boring.

Not listen to Iron Maiden.

fuck you dude!