Post things only arseholes / armholes do

people who take things too literally

ooooooh, i like this thread (takes a breath, cracks knuckles…)

litter (especially chewing gum), say “mugaccino”, lie about how long they’ve been waiting for food/a coffee/a table, ₪₪₪₪s that drive somewhere to eat their maccas (usually a carpark next to a park), eat their filthy meal, and then discard it out the window, knowingly queue jump at the bar, refuse to get an email address, even when requiring one on some professional level (it’s 2012, just fucking accept it), drive in the rain without headlights on, drivers/pedestrians/cyclists that see you coming and go anyway, see you coming and roll forward another foot to scare the shit out of you, buy those fucked hubcaps that keep spinning when they’ve stopped, drive with high beams on in traffic, sit on the horn at a gridlocked intersection, fail to hold a door open when you’re also about to go in/out of said door, anyone that yells/clicks/whistles to get attention, don’t pick up their dogs shit, walk 3 wide on a footpath and don’t move to accommodate other pedestrians, checkout staff that chat to each other and totally ignore the paying customer, THEN grunt the price at you and act as if you are causing them some kind of inconvenience…

fuck, i could go on for hours, but i better do some work before i turn into an even crankier, older version of myself.

refer to being naked as being in their ‘birthday suit’

Hey Rolly, the amount of times I have just left items on counters / at cash registers and walked away refusing to pay because of bad services… “Nah, i just don’t want it anymore”. Although, that makes me an arsehole.

or use the word “nude”. or, shit, even worse, “the nuddy”.

hahaha seems i’m an arsehole…

suddenly stop while walking ahead of you in a crowded area, that shits me no end.

or walking along a busy footpath trying to text and walking slow as fuck.

People who write huge slabs of text without any paragraphs.

People unaware of their surroundings.
Whether they are cycling/driving/walking etc etc…

These are usually the type that constantly are almost getting hit while cycling, almost hit cyclists or peds while driving, or walk out into a roadand almost get hit by a cyclist or car.

Not having a moustache.

i was ranting, nitpicker


I barely give a shit about the customer I just spoke to, let alone the last three you spoke to.
This is the reason I never go to work functions

Playing the same Eminem and Rhianna song over and over and over RIDICULOUSLY loud at all hours of the night, multiple nights in a row and when approached to turn it down, grunt with a ‘whatever’.

Leaving the security door open on an apartment building that has had theft issues previously, so your cat can get in and out of the building.


People who rant.

I’ve got the day off with stomach troubles

Expect a phone call.

people who play shitty music on the loudspeaker on their phones in public.

people who have a conversation with whoever is serving them when there is a huge line up behind them.

people who complain about society yet contribute nothing to it


  • trip over a cord and knock out for days.

whistling a tune.

No one wants to hear your fucking shit song.