Post your Garmin / Strava / etc link

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Thought I would start a lil thread on where people have been and the garmin link so others can try do the same ride.

Last night went out for a spin with a mate (was hectic) to newstead and back from chapel hill

Garmin Link

Garmin link is so 2009. Strava is the way of the future.

how’s strava better than garmin connect?

No idea what that is? but thanks for that

You can upload your garmin details to strava. It’s a differentish layout. I like it as it matches certain sectors against yourself and others. But really it’s the same thing in essence.

You’re driving me crazy! What has this got to do with Brisbane? For the second and last time, the Brisbane forum is for meets and events in Brisbane.

I’m really not sure if you’re just taking the piss now.

This is your last warning from me. If I have to mod your posts again you’re getting a holiday.

edit: and here’s my pathetic effort up Lake Mountain. Shame the battery fell unconscious on the way down.

RAc-dh run all your posts by me via pm and I’ll let you know whether or not to post it.
I’ve made my fair share (actually more than) and can offer you some advice.

It’s a good idea for a thread. Rac_dh just needs to pay attention to where it’s being posted.

cyclingtips endorsed!

mapmyride 4 eva!

I wanted it to be for Brisbane based riders … but neglected to write that in (thought it but forgot it)

But open to everyone seems better.

Not taking the piss at all just new to forum


Link sais not enough privlages to see it

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eye h8 it wen it sais dat two

That’s because I’m an idiot.

Try it again.

Lake Mountain by angrydwarf at Garmin Connect - Details

There’s pros and cons with both. Garmin porbably has better data analysis, but I love the way Strava automatically recognises sectors on your ride, and gives you your complete history of times on that sector and where your latest ride ranks, plus ranks the best times by everyone and where you fit in that list, plus the best times by your mates who you can choose to follow so you get notified when they log a ride.

It’s a pretty sweet setup. Unless you suck, in which case it can be very demoralising.

Rad ride looks like one massive hilll … Fixed?

With your Garmin does it always revert back to Imperial instead of Metric?

yes another reason why strava is better

also garmin dosent like google chrome and strava does

It defaults to imperial on the website. There’s a button at the top right I think to show in metric. That only happens when you’re looking at other people’s activities. Because I’m logged in and my preferences are set to metric I never see imperial.

I did it on a standard roadie 53/39 with a 25/12 cassette. I wouldn’t call it a massive hill. The climb up Lake Mountain didn’t start until 6kms in (before that was just warming up from Marysville to Stevensons Falls and back). The first 4kms of the climb are a killer but the rest is pretty good. Bugger all traffic, good road surface and great views on a clear day. That was the first time I did it. Once you know the road you could hit 85+ easily at the bottom of the descent.

Next time I’ll ride from Buxton - it’s only 10kms away from Marysville and it’s a nice quiet road snaking along the valley.

When you topped out at 395 mph, you probably blew it up !