Post your MTB/Downhill/duel sus har!!!

picked it up 2 hours ago.


Felt is my brand. This bike rocks my world. best i have ever ridden through any technical, fast single tracks. climbs unbelievably and can still huck drops and bombing fire breaks. so reactive and with a full XTR set up (hubs, rims [tubeless], chain, hydro brakes calipers levers and rotors, shifters, front derailleur and shadow rear derailleur, cassets, cranks and chain rings) rockshox on the front and a FOX RP23 on the rear its god.

It’s a '08 Felt Virtue Team Issue. Have a geezer…

and here is mine…

This is my MTB - custom made Easton Superlight tubing, built in 1996-97 by Bike Addiction in Manly. Wasn’t made for me but I had pretty much the same body as the person it was made for. I have been riding and racing it now for +/- 9 years. SS 36:19 magic gear, blacks, evolve xc stem with carbon bars, x517 rims on magura (dt swiss) hubs, LX V’s & cable disc.

with beer, preparing for tomorrows ride:

what do you race?