Post your Polly x FOA collab stickers

So people would have started receiving these thanks to the amazing work of The JAMS, so post a picture of your Polly x FOA collab sticker, whether it be on your bike (track and fixie!), CX, road, on your helmet, 'spok, car, dog, cat, beard, partners nipples, elevator etc.

I want to see the Polly x FOA collab stickers out there!

I think a fully stickerbombed frame would be saaaawwwweeeeet

I want one, got any left?

On the front of my pub bike. Thanks again to JAMS!!

where can I get one of these stickers?

Come get drunk tomorrow with me and you can have one tobes.
Host a house party or something, get your young, female friends around.
Anyway, Stuck up mah fork with one of these tonight, pics when I get a chainnom and take it for a ride tomorrow.

Thanks JAMS.

what bike is that dyldo baggins?

yeah man come down to the city and shout the fixie shit bro’s some booze.

and bring stickers, lots of stickers.

^ want

we need cyclings caps please

run a comp, pick a winner, order 25 caps, done.


uh, if anyone else is wanting to do a t-shirt or whatever i can give you a hi-res version rather than the shitty one that i put up in the prolly thread.

also, can i grab a sticker off someone :smiley: i forgot to keep one for myself.
i’m printing some more tonite tho

I keep forgetting to post this.

PM me for sticker pickup North of the river in Melb. First one free, after that it’s a gold coin donation to FOA for hosting costs.

and here they are on Prolly

Got them in the post today, first in best dressed for Adelaide, but I might use all of them to cover the 8ft of John Kennedy’s seat post.

Got Perths today! Pics soon!