post your ride video

a quick teaser shot with my he tachyon OPS HD cam… i’ve dumbed it down to make uploading it easier but the quality is still pretty ace…


It’s a shame the camera doesn’t show how steep that hill is. Where do you mount the camera to?

i can get it off the garmin… about 11% if i remember right its mounted to the head tube… i’ll take a picture… just editing this one and heart break into a little clip i’ll try and up it too youtube in HD this time

is that where the city to surf race is?

looks better on video… going downhill…

it’s one of them…

this one is in HD and contains descents of both of the steeper hills in the city too surf… plus music from pretty girls make graves


watch it in 720 :wink:

that sweeping right hander on heartbreak, the first right out of the roundabout, its always wet on the outside, whats with that?!

I needed this camera to catch Rhys getting all crossed up coming into one of the switchbacks in Galston Gorge last week, he knows the one!

That second vid is awesome! pretty damn good quality… even the sound doesn’t sound too blown out from the wind.

I have no idea how its done, but I’ve seen these with a HUD/speedo in the corner, very cool. You need one.

I could mount it so the garmin is in shot… That would require an obtrusive mounting system though… I could also splice in screen shots of garmin connect… Hmmmmm

over taking cars…haha…awesome stuff sK

Quality is pretty good coming out of something so small, nice.

Didn’t have time to upload it in a high quality. This is a short section of Gorge Road I did today on my touring bike. Fully loaded with another 20kgs on the Extrawheel trailer.


Pretty sweet… That thing gets spooled up nicely got any pics of your setup?


That looked fast, what kinda speeds?

Same Old hill carving up the boys.



herding cattle an shit

Bikepacking! Where’d you go?