post your whip ( chain whip )

shimano ninja whip and lock ring, mod’ed with supertoughness ‘gold’ NjS chain

Custom Indiana Jones™ full Italian leather. Lockring tool is separate. Removes cogs from 15 feet away.

Hahaha thats ace!

Dude, so 2009

Very nice SK, makes me want to upgrade my chain whip. No Campagnolo? I noticed they make a chain whip but no idea if it’s good or shit.

I can’t believe this is actually a thread…

That’s the same Shimano chainwhip I have, minus NJS chain. It was the first real bicycle-only tool I bought two years ago, and I’m glad I spent good money to get the proper tools, because it’s almost fun to use. Proper tools make doing work so much easier.

Oh, you know it’s shit.

I’ve had this for years the orginial chain got a bit rusty… ( living near the ocean will do that to tools )
And I had the supertoughness as a off cut from the last time the old Perkins got a new chain.,

No campag tool… I think these shimano tools are totally the best you can get…
Maybe I’ll use some 11speed chain next time

To be honest the track chain deals with 10 and 11 speed cassettes perfectly so changing the chain type would only reduce its usefulness, so a change of chain is unlikely :slight_smile:

Yes, but it makes up for it’s shitness with added Passion.

Fixed that for you :wink:

Fixed that for you old boy!

Ha !!!

Still working out a way to find backing for the resurrection of Simplex.

haha good pickup there!

And as promised… Looks like sugarkane’s ninja whip, that’s weird/awkward :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a DA whip. Really like the quality and finish on it.

(Sorry bout the poor quality pic - taken on my fone camera)