Postie Bi-Cycles

I desire one muchly.

Anyone know the wheres/hows?

i would fucking love a postie bike, with that massive front tray

Topic has been done. Do a search of the forum.

I’ve got one ($50 from ebay a while ago) but I’m missing the front basket if anyone happens to have one they are willing to part with

Old topic, for reference:,3555.15.html

mug a postie?

Or loiter outside a large block of flats and wait for said postie to run inside

So cycling fashion has moved on from imitating couriers, to imitating posties?

Stock up on NOS Australia Post uniforms I reckon

You heard it here first…


Sweet, once Des & I have built our homemade porteur racks we’ll be the hippest kids in town!

Alleycats will be so last week:

Guaranteed for 50kg! And look at those fenders.

Heaps more vintage courieringing action:

My CETMA can carry 70kg

some say 90.

How about your front wheel?

They say my xtracycle can carry 100kg plus rider. This rider doesn’t fancy trying to get up a hill with that sort of load. It carries a passenger ok though.

Of course, we’re all beat by the 4 wheel crate bike that won the Commuter Cycles Cargo Challenge.

i was gonna put on my front rack for crankenmas, but it doesn’t clear the brake on my track frame… though i guess with a loaded up front you could do some long skids.

Nothing says ‘sex’ like an orange helmet.