Posting rims?

Anyone got any good tips on doing this to keep the rims safe?
The axles are already in the wheels so they are probably wider than I want.
Just a lot of bubble wrap and a very big cardboard box?

Go to a bike shop and ask them very nicely if they can give you some axle caps that come on wheels when they are new. Chuck em on the axles and wrap that thing as good as possible then stick it in a big box with lots of tape around it.
Should get you sorted, and make sure the axles aren’t going to take out any spokes if they’re treated a bit rough.

yeah and while at the bike shop, get a box for the wheels.

other than that, just go nuts with bubblewrap, newspaper, old jocks, etc.

Lots of old jocks :lol:

As well as old jocks n socks (Don’t worry about washing them… the dirtier the better), I would stick some cardboard in between the rims… so kinda like a rim sandwich if you know what I mean.

You could also get some card and make a holder for the rim to sit in, that’s how my Arrospok came in the box.