Potential Bike Build 2013

2013 is around the corner and I want a new bike…

Been talking to Erik up at Gear in Brisbane to get this happening…if it happens gonna make a nice trip to Brisbane and pick it up personally :slight_smile:

To each their own…people may not like this set-up but I do and this will be more of a weekend rider or something to make you go Whoa or something…what do you think?

Frame Set
[li]Frame: Leader 735 - White[/li][li]Fork: Leader I-806A V2 - White (I prefer the slightly bigger V2 over the V3)[/li][li]Headset: FSA Orbit ZS-3 - Black[/li][li]Stem: Leader Shield Stem - Black[/li][li]Handlebar: Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit - Black[/li][li]Seat: San Marco Rolls - Black[/li][li]Seatpost: Don’t know yet…[/ul][/li]Wheels/Hubs
[li]Front: HPlusSon SL42 32h - Black[/li][li]Rear: HPlusSon Formation Face 32h - Black[/li][li]Hubs: Phil Wood Track Set High Flange 32h Fixed/Free Rear - White[/li][li]Spokes: Black or White?[/li][li]Brakes: Front SRAM Apex - White[/li][li]Brake Lever: Odyssey Mono Lever Medium - Black[/li][li]Tyres: Continental Super Sport Plus 700x25c[/ul][/li]Drivetrain
[li]Chainring: Sugino 75 46t - Black[/li][li]Crankset: Sugino 75 165mm - Black[/li][li]Bottom Bracket: Sugino 75 Ceramic[/li][li]Free Wheel: White Industries Eno 17t[/li][li]Cog: Sugino 17t[/li][li]Chain: Izumi V Gold[/li][li]Pedals: Fyxation Mesa - Black[/li][li]FRS: Either Skin Grows Back or if he can get them the matching Fyxation Gates[/ul][/li]
All the parts in Pictures…


That is a pretty full on build list.
Have you thought about running the leader carbon fork?

Sounds sweet dude, bit too white for me but like you say to each his own. With all the black bits up front I recon you should consider the carbon finish leader fork, they look super tuff and white frame white wheels will be pretty white yeah. Anyway get amongst it…

Oh I was going to do something with the fork aka it won’t stay white…I am always a liitle bit weary of Carbon parts as i am 100+ kg on the scales…:stuck_out_tongue:

Link to all parts in Pics

2013 Build - Imgur

Dont use one of those Sugino cog carrier systems, they are shit. The Miche ones are so much better.

But i’d just buy a Phil sprocket if I had Phil hubs.

I’d also build Black hubs/Spokes. Too much white otherwise!!

I absolutely thrashed my full carbon Leader fork and it never broke, highly recommend. Also I might be wrong but aren’t sugino 75 bb’s not sealed? Not great for wet weather, you might want a sealed unit unless you enjoy bb maintenance!

Go black rims spokes hubs, and the carbon fork,
It’s so much easier to keep looking good.

Lotsa nice parts on a ho-hum frame imo

it’s a little strange to have both the fixed and freewheel the same size. not much benefit to carrying that extra weight everywhere, having a couple of teeth difference would mean you can change to a lower or higher gear depending on the ride.

Well I want to run with the white set and eventually buy a second set that is black…:wink: and yeah I might end up just getting the Phil Cog too…

Yes they are unsealed…as said before this will not be my daily ride so it won’t see much wet or random weather…

After looking at it some more I have come to the conclusion that I will get black rims…still want to keep the white spokes and white hub…

White/black combo on the leader bikes always look good. Personally i’d go all black on the wheelset, but each to their own. As long as you are happy.

Couple of examples i found on pedalroom
Leader 735 - Pedal Room
2011 Leader 735 - Pedal Room
2011/2012 Leader 735 - Pedal Room

Needs aerospoke(s)

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a white one! Seriously. Ya want it moose, do it, take it. Soooooo fast on ya sweet fixaay.

I have one on my current bike the Raw Carbon one…:stuck_out_tongue:

Double lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know :stuck_out_tongue: it was cheap and I needed a new wheel so bought it -_- growing tired of it and want to get a new wheel set for my current bike…

Also what do you guys think of Bar End Brake Levers? I was thinking of getting one instead of the BMX style lever…